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How do I integrate my 3rd-party app with Clickatell?

  1. Ensure you have the relevant information ready. 

  2. From the Clickatell Portal, under Products & Services -> Integrations, select the 3rd-party app you want to integrate with Chat Flow and/or Chat Desk.

  3. Click Add Integration

You have a choice between a production or sandbox (testing) configuration. You can add as many configurations as you wish, but note that you cannot promote a sandbox configuration into production. You must create a separate production configuration. 

You’ll be required to enter some or all of the following information from the 3rd party app: 

  • Configuration Name (custom; you can add anything here to identify the app) 

  • Client Secret (unique; found in the 3rd party app) 

  • Client ID (unique; found in the 3rd party app) 

  • Host Name (unique; found in the 3rd party app) 

See here for steps where to find the above information. 

Upon clicking Activate, you are directed to the relevant 3rd-party app’s login screen. Enter your login credentials for this app to verify your account. 

Once you’ve successfully signed in, you are redirected back to the app’s page in the Clickatell Portal. The integration you’ve just added is shown with an “Active status. 

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