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How do I apply for a short code?

Short codes require an application process and are not available immediately. Short codes are country-specific and can't be used if you want to receive messages from international customers - you need to apply for separate short codes per country you wish to send messages to.

If you are one of our paid packages, Clickatell will assist you with your short code application.

If you are on our pay-as-you-go, self-serve package, follow the steps below to apply for a short code:

  1. Navigate to My Workspace, select the Long Numbers & Short Codes tile, and click Get Short Code. Alternatively, you can navigate to My Workspace --> SMS and click the Get Short Code button under My SMS Numbers

Note: You will only be able to request a short code once your billing information is set up. If you have not yet set up your billing information, a pop-up message will direct you there.

2. If the billing information is set up, the easy-to-use setup wizard tool will guide you through the necessary steps:

  • Select country.

  • Complete business details.

  • Complete information around the short code program (how the short code will be used).

  • Agree to our terms and conditions.

3. Click Submit.

The application status will show as "Pending" in your numbers table until your application has been approved and payment has been received. Once the number is configured and active on the account, you can link your short code to a two-way SMS integration to start sending two-way messages.

You will be notified in your message center and via email once your short code application has been approved. You will then be required to pay a setup fee before you can start using your short code to send and receive messages.


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