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The Big Book of Chat Commerce

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The definitive guide to capitalizing on the new chat economy

Chat commerce presents one of the most significant business opportunities of the 21st century. Not only have chat platforms surpassed social media networks in their popularity, time of use, mindshare, and influence, there are now more than 5 billion people around the world who use chat platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat every day. Chat is the way most people communicate and the entry of payment solutions via chat provides valuable new ways for businesses to engage, deliver innovation, and improve the customer experience for their clients, partners, and customers.

This eBook provides readers a guide to chat commerce as well as a roadmap to begin their journey of strategy, design, and implementation of chat commerce solutions in their organization.

  • Learn how to make chat commerce part of your digital transformation strategy

  • Understand the difference between chat commerce solutions and branded apps

  • Help quantify how improved customer experience drives customer growth and revenue

  • Read a short financial services case study highlighting the immediate benefits of a chat commerce deployment

The future of commerce is chat.

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