Why using an SMS business solution is the best way to communicate with your staff

SMS business solutions

You already know that it's important to use the best and most effective methods to communicate with staff members. Staying in touch with your employees at all times is essential for the efficient running of your business. One way to ensure that you’re able to do this effectively is by making use of an SMS business solution.

Effective and efficient communication with staff members leads to better decision-making and problem-solving, two things no workplace could do without. And, when you think about successful businesses, a large portion of every day is spent communicating. With staff members, with customers, and with others in your industry. When you look at it like that, strong communication skills and effective tools are essential for every level of your business. Here are just some of the ways you can better communicate with your staff members.


Making use of an SMS business solution is without any doubt one of the most effective ways to communicate with not only your employees, but your entire business’ network. Using bulk SMS messaging allows you to communicate with specific teams or your entire staff, depending on the message which needs to be sent. Imagine you need to ask your sales team to send a certain report by the end of the week. By sending an SMS, at the click of a button, to each of your sales team members’ mobile phones, you’re almost guaranteed that they will not only receive the message, but they will also read it. With an almost perfect open rate of 98 percent, your sales team will receive that SMS. And you will have that report on your desk by the end of the week. The best part about using an SMS business solution? You can be sure that all of your team members will be comfortable using it.

That's why so many companies rely on Clickatell’s SMS Platform to improve and extend their staff communication. SMS Platform allows businesses like yours to allow your platforms to be SMS-enables, whether a website or app, with the simple application of our customized applications.


An emerging way to communicate with employees is via video. Many people prefer to watch moving graphics and images on their screen, over reading marketing messages. Rather than sending yet another email, create and send a video to all of your employees. With the increasing usage of smartphone cameras, you can easily film a video in the comfort of your office.

Within minutes, your employees will feel as if they’re speaking directly with you. The downside to sharing videos with employees is that you won’t be sure how effective your reach will be. And that uncertainty, compared to the certainty of sending an SMS, builds quote a case for making use of an SMS business solution.


There are numerous chat messaging options which businesses make use of to communicate with employees. Between Skype, Slack, Google Hangouts, and many more, there are options for every business. These systems make it easy to type messages to employees, sort them into groups, and attach necessary documentation.

Again, you won’t be sure whether your team members are actually reading these messages. Employees can be particularly resistant to embracing a chat app if they aren’t comfortable with it. For instance, if they’ve always used Skype but you insist your business use Slack, they might not be willing to use it.

We haven’t mentioned the stock standard options of sending out emails or organizing yet another meeting. Your staff members likely don’t read the many emails they’re receiving on a daily basis. And they just don’t have time for another meeting. Both of these options would waste their time as well as yours.

Okay, so now you’ve looked at the options. You’ve weighed them up and compared them to one another. And there is no doubt in your mind that an SMS business solution is the way to go. To cement your decision that little bit more, read our recent article about new ways that bulk SMS messaging is being used in the workplace. It discusses using a bulk SMS business solution for your company’s recruitment, to boost morale, for compliance and training, and more. There’s little doubt that an SMS business solution and bulk SMS messaging are the way to go for better business communication. And that means better business success.

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