Renters can enjoy smart home tech too

Home automation for renters

More and more people are choosing to rent rather than own homes. And now they have the option to make their rentals smart. Previously, it was thought that smart home systems only belonged in the realm of homeowners. But not anymore. There are options for renters, simple and effective ones, which show that this is not just one of many fleeting technology trends which pop up but soon lose traction.

An increased number of people across the world are choosing to rent rather than buy. They value the independence, the flexibility, and the assistance received from helpful landlords in times of crisis. More Americans are renting, across varied income levels and ages, for various reasons. In fact, renters in the US now account for 37% of households, the highest levels since the 1960s, according to the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University.

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Smart home tech used to mean installing new door locks, light switches or thermostats. That’s just not feasible for someone who might be moving out soon or could stand to lose their deposit from their crotchety landlord. Renters now have plenty of options, they just need to know which gadgets to look at. Here, we explore some of the options.

Smart Lighting

The starting place when renting is to choose options which smart home technologies you can use right out of the box. And the good news is there are plenty of well-reviewed options in this category. And luckily, smart lighting is quickly becoming the most diverse category in connected homes. Turning lights on and off or dimming them are child’s play when compared to what new products are capable of doing. Options include bulbs with built-in motions sensors, ones that have built-in Bluetooth speakers and those that turn on automatically when the doorbell or alarm rings. If you’re unsure how your new lighting will fit in with your preferred voice-controlled virtual assistant, have a look at a handy compatibility tracker.


It’s the ultimate in first world problems when all you want to do is control the heating and cooling in your apartment, and your landlord won’t let you upgrade to a smart system. That’s when these new rental-friendly products step into the limelight. You can easily use smart switches to automatically control your space heater and portable air conditioner. Make sure to look for a device with physical controls so you can set the temperature to your preferred setting, whether you prefer a cool breeze or balmy, almost beach-like weather. That way, when you switch it on and off, there’s no need to enter your settings again. It’ll go right back to your ideal temperature.

Smart home security

There’s no reason why you can’t monitor your apartment’s security yourself. There’s no need for expensive contracts or professional installation. Armed with just a few devices and your smartphone, you can be your own crime-fighter. There are several plug-and-play monitoring devices and affordable DIY systems available. Add in a couple of sensors, maybe an alarm, and one or two of those motion sensor smart lights and you’re all set.


If you’re fascinated by the idea of smartening your dumb apartment and all that this tech, and other similar technology trends, have to offer, read our recent article. on how a smart home system can make your life better.

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