The Company develops unique safety and security solutions for various industries. One such solution is Fire-QRVS, a rapid response verification system incorporating SMS alerts, which is being used by fire departments across North America.

The Fire-QRVS system integrates SMS, mobile apps and GPS to coordinate emergency response operations. The availability and response times of trucks, volunteers and firefighters is affordably communicated on the go. As SMS alerts remain on the responders' handsets, they are more reliable than pages, which disappear if the responders' pagers are turned down or off. Detailed information about the incident location and driving directions can also be provided. SMS alerts save time and saving time saves lives. Fire-QRVS makes incident management more efficient, intelligent and effective by expanding the range and reliability of communication, thus enabling all responders to stay in touch at the same time. Have a look at how Clickatell can help you to implement critical alerts in your business.

SMS Platform

Clickatell SMS Platform is a bulk SMS system that enables you to send messages securely, reliably and instantly, sparking a dynamic dialogue between business and customer.

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