How chatbots can help your wealth management company

Chatbots helping with wealth management

As your business grows, it’s going to experience a lot of growing pains. Without a solid and scalable business plan in place, you could lose all of the sales traction and good faith you’ve built up with customers over the years. With more baby boomers heading into retirement, it’s time to make sure your wealth management company has an iron-clad growth plan.

The technologies of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are starting to come into their own. What was once a dream, is now an everyday piece of tech that we use, like Apple’s Siri, for example. There is a wide array of business applications for AI, especially when it comes to the marriage of finances and chatbots.

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Helping your staff grow and learn

One of the biggest problems with any company growing too fast is the lack of staff, not to mention knowledgeable staff. Finding employees that are perfect for your company requires a great deal of time. And, when you do find them, one third of new employees quit within the first six months. That’s a long time to wait for the perfect hire.

Chatbot solutions, such as those deployed by Clickatell Touch, can facilitate your staffing situation while your company grows. During the search for sales consultants and financial advisors, Touch can easily help current employees field questions.

While your staff may be on an important call to a client or trying to handle a crucial situation, the chatbot will answer a range of queries. In utilizing machine learning, chatbots can learn and adapt to several questions and answers, which, in turn, allows them to handle more queries as they ‘learn’. This helps your staff members deliver the best possible results.

It can also accept an unlimited amount of chat streams, helping more customers than your actual staff could. This potentially creates an excess amount of hot leads for your staff members to follow up on.

Gathering market information

Clickatell Touch can be deployed to gather valuable information and help your company better understand its clients. And, it’ll feed all this rich customer data into a customer relations management (CRM) system, which your staff can track and follow up with queries.

This farming of information allows companies to generate analytics reports on what potential clients are asking about, and where current clients are finding problems with your company. By correctly and accurately utilizing this information, improvements can be made to your company, its products, and its offerings.

A faster turnaround time

We live in a world where everything is instant and happens now. From being able to track your UberEats delivery in real-time to receiving same-day packages from Amazon. Just because you don’t have a multi-billion dollar company, it doesn’t mean that your wealth management customers aren’t going to demand the same level of service from you.

Chatbot systems like Clickatell Touch answer all queries in real-time, and with accurate responses. This means that no one has to pick up a phone to call your company and there is zero hold time if operators are busy. It’s a win-win solution for everyone involved.

Depending on how your company’s systems are set up, clients are also able to check their profile and investments in real-time using Clickatell Touch and rate your service.

If you are interested in using chatbots for your wealth management company, have a look at Clickatell Touch - it integrates with a wide range of CRM, support, or enterprise solutions and as we’ve highlighted before, can even be deployed for lead generation – allowing you to gather, and qualify leads for your sales team to act on.

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