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The ultimate two step verification vendor checklist

Vendor verification checklist

User experience

The right authentication solution should not only overcome customer acceptable problems, but it should be a pleasure to use. The two step-verification processes should be quick, easy and user friendly to your market. Colorful images can make the process feel more like a game than a security step, thus making the user experience more enjoyable.


The security landscape is constantly changing with new cyber threats popping up every day. You need to choose a product that is future proof and adaptable. Not only that, but your company is also constantly transforming and the wrong two-step verification mechanism won’t grow with the changing needs of your business.


When implementing user authentication you need to ensure that the solution provides reliable security and that authentication is done through a separate, out-of-band channel.  The recent attack on South Africa’s Standard Bank, where $19 million was stolen by Japanese cyber criminals in an ATM cash-out scheme, is one of many examples of how security strength should be a priority. Additional out-of-band authentication can considerably reduce fraud and hacking.


Two-step verification should offer flexible upgrade paths to meet your different customer needs. Find out if the solution offers a range of different authentication levels for various customer segments. Consider a system that enables you to give your customers a personalized 2FA experience. You need to keep customer data safe, which will lead to brand loyalty and trust within your market.

Ease of integration

When rolling out a new product, the simplicity of integration and support in the event of technical queries is critical. You need a solution that will easily integrate with your existing systems and services via a free, secure API. Opting for 24-hour support will lessen the load on your IT department and developers, and ensure that you are constantly protected.


Make sure you take a long-term view of costs, including initial costs, recurring fees, and replacement costs (in the case of tokens). Clickatell offers a free trial, with a pricing model that is easy to understand. We also have a range of payment methods available e.g. PayPal and credit card and no minimum purchase or usage is required.

SMS message delivery

More and more companies have a mobile workforce with remote users. If you choose two-step verification via SMS, you need to ensure that messages are reliably delivered worldwide, and across all mobile networks. Choose a provider with an excellent delivery success rate, and one that supports foreign characters (Unicode).

Your authentication solution

Clickatell Secure is the authentication suite that ticks all the boxes in the checklist. Not only does it offer a seamless user experience, but it is also built to be scalable, flexible and future-proof. Download our new authentication guide to learn more.

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