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Cybersecurity and how 2FA can assist

2FA helps with cybersecurity

What is 2FA?

To define it simply, two-factor authentication is when you use something the customer knows, like a password, and something they have, like a smartphone receiving a one-time password. 2FA can make devices more secure from security attacks and protect them from hacking attempts.

Why is it important and what are the reasons for using it?

Two-factor authentication is important because it adds an extra layer of protection and security which hackers will have to bypass. It makes the chances of a cybersecurity hack less likely because it’s more difficult to bypass which disables a certain portion of the hacker community.

Who uses 2FA?

You might be using two-factor authentication often without even knowing it. Only once you fully understand what 2FA is will you start noticing it being used fairly often in your daily life. Twitter, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon are all examples of some of the big companies concerned about cybersecurity and are using 2FA to authenticate users and purchases.

Banking and healthcare are sectors which both handle private, personal and sensitive information. Both of these are examples of industries which could benefit from using two-factor authentication.

How can Clickatell Secure help?

Clickatell Secure is a mobile-first multifactor authentication suite. Secure is made up of three products, Secure Pin, Secure Grid and Secure Grid Plus. These can be mixed and matched to give your customers the right level of protection. Secure PIN delivers a PIN code via SMS while Secure Grid is an icon-based solution for smartphones which is as simple as tapping an image on your phone's screen. If you'd like more information about Clickatell Secure, watch our informative video.

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