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3 benefits of multilingual SMS marketing for your business

Benefits of multilingual SMS

The first SMS was sent from a computer to a mobile phone back in 1992. Since then, SMS marketing has grown to become one of the most powerful, convenient tools for business owners across the globe. It can be used for promotional purposes and confidential transactions. And thanks to the advancements in SMS gateway technology, your messages can now be delivered in multiple languages for further engagement and reach.

Language and cultural barriers play a major role in how successful your product or service currently is, and how much potential it has to grow. Customers appreciate receiving messages in their own, local language as it helps them to participate in campaigns and relate to your business. The way customers feel differs, and if you want to market to international customers, you’ll need to be able to action feedback from various communities and adjust your customer engagement plan accordingly.

In essence, the best way to sell something is to speak your prospect’s language. A business which embraces diversity is winning in today’s day and age. As much as English is a universal language spoken and understood by many, you cannot rely on it to be your only marketing language. You need to strategize around social, economic and environmental factors to appeal to various target groups. If you communicate in the correct language and ensure your message is being interpreted as the same across the board, regardless of any cultural or language differences, your business will flourish. Here are three benefits of using multilingual SMS marketing in your customer engagement plan.

Allows you to tailor your messages to suit a specific audience

When you’re communicating to different audiences, you need to personalize your approach. International customers expect you to communicate with them in their local language, introducing more languages to your SMS mix. So, in this case, English will not suffice when you’re speaking to a Spanish, Chinese or Dutch audience. You’ll need to incorporate multilingual application programming interfaces (APIs) into your customer engagement plan if you want to become known for your business idea or simply have the opportunity to speak to people in other countries.

Multilingual SMS marketing encourages two-way communication

If you want your customers to respond to your SMS marketing campaigns by means of two-way communication, you need to deliver a message in their preferred language. Thankfully, SMS messages can be received on any device, smart or not, so there’s no excuse not to be sending bulk SMS messages in different languages. Multilingual customer support will provide your business with the customer experience people want and expect from your business.

Improved business to customer connections

According to this article, “By 2021, it’s expected that India will have over 180 million regional users for language news.” “Even Facebook lets users browse in 12 Indian languages in order to connect better.” These two statements are clear indications of how businesses are going the extra mile to appeal to their customers in a way that resonates with them.

Today, customer service and experience are about what the customer wants and when they want it. You need to put your customers’ needs at the heart of your organization. And one of these needs is to speak their local language. With so many artificial resources to assist you in analyzing your customer base, you should be able to maximize this information and translate your SMS marketing messages to fit their profiles with ease. In addition to this, you’ll also need to follow through with multilingual conversations. Should a customer respond to a message via two-way communication, you should be able to offer them further content in easy-to-understand replies.

Texting should have no language boundaries

If you want to grow your customer base by entering into international markets, you need to consider ways to better your customer relationships and interactions and multilingual SMS marketing is exactly what you need. With so much competition already, you need to keep up with your customers’ needs by accepting their differences and supporting them with multilingual SMS marketing.

To create an effective customer engagement plan, make sure your gateway includes these functionalities. Visit our  SMS Platform for more information on how to achieve that and more!

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