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How your Business can Use Mobile Marketing and Coupons to Increase Sales

Mobile Coupon Marketing

A surge in mobile coupon marketing offers exciting opportunities for businesses to build mobile marketing strategies that drive sales in ways that excite customers.

Ten years into mobile commerce and businesses are still required to adapt to customer purchase behavior. Mobile marketing tactics, like using customer behavior, change and require change, constantly. With mobile marketing, there’s an opportunity to increase ROI with mobile phones and coupons.

The rise of mobile marketing

In 2017, Google Search data found that 60% of automotive searches come from a mobile device. This was a huge wake-up call for car dealerships to start pruning their omnichannel and multi-channel communication efforts away from the good old trusted newspaper adverts, toward crafting strategies around mobile communication. 

This led businesses to rediscover mobile coupons as a way to drive foot traffic to businesses, as well as to their online stores or as part of omnichannel communication efforts. Keep reading our short guide on how you can integrate coupons into your business’ mobile marketing strategy. 

Getting started with mobile coupons

Since we know that your customers are likely mobile-first consumers - which means they use their phones to review and research products, compare prices, and find their perfect product or service - mobile coupons are a way to connect your customers to the very thing you know they need

Using coupons to enhance the user journey

A great way to use coupons is to bring the user to interact with your business - whether in-store physically or digitally via your website. This means that your digital presence needs to be up-to-date and user-friendly. 

Businesses often think that adopting one aspect of the latest trending marketing tactics will have amazing benefits for their business. But, without a holistic approach to your marketing presence, customers will be driven away instead of to your business. So, be sure your social media profiles, professional platforms, website, and email marketing, etc, all send a unified message with a recognizable tone.

Another way to use coupons to your advantage with omnichannel communication is to track the journeys of your customers. Without knowing what they’re reading, which products they’re browsing or items they’ve purchased, services they’ve signed up for, what they’ve ‘liked’, etc., you won’t be able to target them with insight-driven messages that encourage them to act.

Reward their loyalty

Customers love to be rewarded, and when you send loyalty promotions to your customers it sends a number of messages including that you value their attention, and that you’ll go the extra mile to keep them coming back. This can be achieved by paying attention to their latest purchase, tracking their movements on your website, and taking the time to send them more great offers, among other things.

Remarketing is an obvious but often missed opportunity to keep up with customers who are already interested in your brand. A simple SMS like the one below could just send customers to your business in droves:

“We hope you’re thrilled with your latest purchase, Emma! To celebrate, we’re giving you 30% off your next shop! Valid until the end of May.”

Coupons with personalized messages like these that offer customers real value are the sorts of experiences that stay with a customer and end up influencing their long-term purchasing behavior. Like we mentioned earlier - when customers are offered real value, your business scores real points in the loyalty arena.

Using an integrated platform

While you’re convinced about the effectiveness of mobile communication and of coupons, it’s important to choose an SMS platform that is easy to use and won’t break the bank. With Clickatell’s SMS Platform, you can build your unique messaging, including two-way messaging. It integrates seamlessly with any application, website or system - who better to choose to partner with for your coupon marketing needs?

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