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How the media industry can use SMS

SMS marketing in the media industry

The media industry is vast and far-reaching. From newspapers to TV shows and movies, it’s a sector that encompasses a number of industries. Unfortunately, it can also be a sector that isolates itself from audiences. While shows are putting out news reports and radio broadcasts, they’re often ‘screaming into the void’ with no actual feedback. By incorporating Short Messaging Service (SMS) technology, all of that can change.

The SMS has been around for a few decades and every single phone on the planet can send and receive them. This potentially means that every viewer, reader, and audience member has the ability to interact with the media industry on a range of levels.

Polls and voting in the media industry

A feature that has existed for quite a few years, but is not often used, is the ability to answer polls or vote. Traditionally in the media industry, talent shows – such as American Idol – will have viewers SMS in their votes for who wins that week. This can be further incorporated to be used in a range of other options. For example, news shows can poll audiences on their views of a current story or how they feel about another subject. Messages could be displayed or read out on air, though incorporating a profanity filter will help weed out any unnecessary or unsavory messages.

Often, TV stations and networks will launch the pilot for a new show and gauge the interest based on viewership numbers. This can result in bad shows being canned but is detrimental to programs with a niche viewing. These outlets can ask audiences to SMS their opinions on the new show pilot and gauge the program. This method not only enacts interaction from views but allows the audience to critique parts of the show they did or did not like.

News alerts

Breaking news stories can change people’s lives. Whether it be a terrorist attack, the birth of a royal family member, or a hurricane warning. Often, people receive this information from social media, but the number of voices sharing the news can often muddy and destroy what is happening. New shows should look at a subscription service for its viewers in order to alert them to important stories.

CNN, for example, can SMS a database of people interested in weather warnings. As soon as there’s a potentially dangerous storm heading to a specific region, those subscribed will receive an SMS telling them to tune into the channel. From here, the addition of two-way communication can be incorporated for those in the storm to express what is going on and how dangerous it may be.


Do you know how to subscribe to a newspaper? It seems to be a question that not everyone can answer. The same goes for cable TV stations and other media-related services. Incorporating SMS technology into these offerings can go a long way in boosting subscriber numbers.

Depending on local laws, companies may be able to send a one-time SMS advertisement to a database of unsubscribed individuals. These messages can ask if the recipient would like to receive the service on a regular basis. By using SMSes in conjunction with database management software, the media company is able to easily create a usable and robust list of subscribers to its service.

Events can use the same method when customer purchase tickets for a show. The organization will be able to SMS them event notifications immediately without delay.

Other services

It’s not just traditional media that can use SMS services. In fact, event organizations can message ticket booking confirmations, while clubs can use club texting to keep members up to date with events.

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