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Marketing trends that will never die – like bulk SMS marketing

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There are some marketing trends that will always be good for business. Others have seen better days and deserve to be put out to pasture. But let’s not focus on those sorry examples (ahem, organic Facebook reach). Instead, let’s focus on the trends that are standing the test of time. And bulk SMS marketing is at the top of that list without any doubt.

You know that the SMS messages sent out for your business always reach your audience, that the messages are read, and they always lead to conversions. That’s why, whenever you’re considering new marketing channels, you always return to the tried and tested channels which always experience positive customer engagements. So, if you’d like to learn more about why bulk SMS marketing campaigns are so successful and what other marketing trends are good for business, read on.

Bulk SMS marketing

It’s pretty straightforward. SMS messages are the most effective way to reach your customers. SMS messages are read far more often than marketing services sent via other communication channels. In fact, 98 percent of text messages which are sent are read and 90 percent of those are read within three minutes. That’s a whole lot of eyes on your bulk SMS marketing campaign. What other methods of marketing communication can offer statistics like that? In addition, bulk SMS marketing messages are extremely cost-effective.

Consider that your customers very likely have their phones in their hands right now. That means they’re as good as waiting to receive an SMS from your business right this minute. And if you consider that almost everyone in the world owns or has access to a mobile phone which can receive an SMS, it’s clear to understand why bulk SMS marketing will never die.

Content marketing

When communicating with customers – whether it be to inform them about a new product or to tell them about the ways in which your products can be used – content marketing is always a good idea. And content marketing can refer to marketing material in many different forms. In recent years, written texts like ebooks and white papers, have become less popular. On the other hand, videos and infographics have completely captured the attention of your audience. This goes to show that when you think of content marketing, thinking outside of the box and thinking visually instead will be an effective way to grab your audience’s attention.

Genuine engagement

Potential and existing customers always like to feel like they have a connection with a brand and enjoy genuine engagement with it. When someone reaches out to your brand – via the phone, your website, social media channels, or even visit your physical store – they expect to feel welcomed, like part of your family. This, of course, means that fake user reviews are a giant no-no. Users can see right through those. They know that someone posting “Great product!” from a social media account without a profile photo and no timeline to speak of isn’t real. Your customers want to see user-generated content from true fans of the brand. They want to witness conversations from which users clearly benefit.


We’ve spoken quite often recently about the increased demand from customers for personalized content. They want to feel valued and recognized by your brand. That means they want to be addressed by name, to have their buying history remembered, and to have tailored product suggestions based on their browsing histories sent to them.

By now, you’re likely convinced on the merits of content marketing which is personalized to customers and receives genuine engagement. But if you’d like to learn a little more about mobile marketing, and two-way SMS in particular, read our recent article which discusses the benefits of two-way SMS and why it must be part of your marketing strategy.

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