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How the right SMS software could double your Christmas sales!

SMS sales software

An SMS API, like the kind that Clickatell offers our clients, can be a massive benefit to online retailers that want to avoid the phenomenon of 'showrooming' this year. With reserve and collect numbers on the rise, the gap between online purchasing and real world purchasing is getting smaller. You need to capitalize on this for your Christmas sales.

How can your online brand use an SMS API to double or even triple your sales this Christmas season? Here is how these simple SMS tactics will convert.

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Is It Possible To Double Your Christmas Sales?

If you are a small-medium sized business that has never properly used an SMS API before, then yes it is entirely possible to make significantly more sales than you achieved last year, simply by adding this new marketing method to your bag of Christmas tricks.

Larger brands that have not yet used text messages for online or real world sales can also benefit, though on a more modest scale. Having an SMS API is especially good in small communities, where many people have an online store and a brick and mortar shop.

'Showrooming' is a marketing phenomenon that occurs when a customer is out and about in the real world, and uses the internet and other online sites to compare and contrast deals, specials and discounts to find a brand that offers the most value. What does this mean?

  • There is a large opportunity for instant sales in December

  • If you can offer the best value and fast delivery or collect services, you can and will beat many of the other real world businesses in your area.


When a local business has an online sales site, this site may struggle to sell products globally but thrive if they refocus on local community interaction and sales. December is the ideal time to introduce your immediate community to your new SMS service offering.

What Can The Integration of an SMS API Do For Your Brand?    

The right SMS API will help your online site 'steal' business away from brands in your area that are not as aware of practices like 'showrooming' around Christmas time.

  • Build your targeted community-only SMS list

  • Send out SMS blasts that beat all local prices, or offer greater value

  • Provide your customers with instant details on your real world products

  • Collect SMS testimonials from customers that you can use online and in your text blasts

  • Deliver your product catalogs to searching customers in an instant (send people that compare products to a specially prepared URL that segments your products)

Choosing The Right Community-Centric SMS Method

Building a tight SMS community from your real world community can do exceptional things for your online store. It will capture the 5% of total sales that every brand loses to showrooming each year, to online businesses that are willing to prepare for it.

It all begins with choosing the right SMS API for your online store, so that these community texts can be sent. Free SMS messaging software has the flexibility that you need, and the good news is that paying per text is notoriously affordable.

Make sure that you select an SMS API provider like Clickatell, who has been helping small and large online businesses realize their internal and external marketing goals for years. With the right words, you will find that your local community is quick to support your online store, and your products because of the added value that you will offer.

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