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How web to mobile SMS increases client engagement

Web to mobile SMS messaging

Web to mobile SMS services has been around for quite some time, with many small, medium, and large brands taking advantage of this technology to improve customer relationship management. When this happens, client engagement increases which can be very beneficial for the host brand.

How exactly will a webmaster benefit from this improved web to mobile SMS client engagement? For more on Clickatell's world-class SMS services click here.

The problem:

Your website needs a closer relationship with your customers and clients, in order to convert sales messages into long term sales, or even repeat sales.

The solution:

The most highly sought-after marketing connection is a two-way conversation, neatly facilitated by the web to mobile SMS technology, which will allow you to grow a substantial user base of repeat buyers.

What is this technology all about?

With an appropriate web to mobile SMS service, you can get your valued customers to sign up for your SMS list so that they can take advantage of your offers, deals, specials, and advice. The technology bypasses the traditional email list sign-up and is most popular for app and software companies that need to closely monitor customer service.

When your clients sign-up to your SMS list:

  • They gain access to a portable, time-sensitive mechanism for taking advantage of coupons, deals, updates, and special offers.

  • This guarantees that they always receive your messages, and that their app or software always works, has the latest updates, news, and functions.

The benefits of the web to mobile SMS for developers

Client engagement online has been called the 'only' way to guarantee long term, meaningful relationships with your repeat app or website users. Developers that get this engagement right can increase interactions by as much as 40%.

  • The longer your clients spend using your site or app, the more likely they are to buy from you.

  • With web to mobile SMS you can send thousands of targeted messages to individuals that are part of your brand network.

  • Your SMS messages will keep them informed and coming back for more. That means more revenue, more exposure, and greater proliferation on modern social media channels.

  • Using the web to mobile SMS, you can build yourself a brand community that interacts MORE on other networking sites, that cares about your brand and returns your good customer service by becoming a brand advocate for you online.

  • Higher levels of engagement mean the average customer will buy more from you, more often, while encouraging others they know to buy from you as well.

Why close interaction is key for your business

With web to mobile SMS technology you will seamlessly move your customers through the four stages of client engagement - namely; initiation, integration, intelligence, and value creation. Each interaction tells your customers something more about your app or brand, bringing the two of you together. The tighter the relationship, the more you are able to prove your brand promise to your customer. This will make them feel valued, and your app or website will always be 'top of mind' when they seek out services like yours. By using a quality web to mobile SMS platform, you can ensure that your client interactions are fully aligned with your brand goals. That means all of your marketing pursuits will have more impact on these high-value SMS communities! For more on Clickatell's world-class SMS services click here.

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