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Nigeria SMS messaging regulations and restrictions

If you’re sending messages to Nigeria, there are a number of factors you need to keep in mind – most importantly the implementation of a DND (Do Not Disturb) feature for subscribers who do not want to receive unsolicited SMS messages and phone calls.

Volume regulations also exist for Nigeria. Sending multiple messages to the same address in the same day is not recommended as these messages may be blocked. Nigeria’s major mobile operators have split traffic into two categories:

 Banking traffic SMS messages from banks about transactions. These messages are always sent and delivered.
 Promotional traffic This covers all other traffic even if it is transactional, but excludes banks. For example, a thank you message following an online purchase. Messages in this category are only sent at certain times of the day.

Please contact our support team via support@clickatell.com to assist with setting up your SMS messages so that they are correctly included in one of the above categories.


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