Clickatell Transact’s new .Control platform launches with WhatsApp Banking

Clickatell's Control platform launches with WhatsApp Banking

Clickatell, an authorized WhatsApp Business Solution provider, is excited to announce that three of the largest African banks are in the process of going live with their Chat Banking solutions on WhatsApp, powered by our cutting edge .Control solution.

Customers of these banks can now perform their banking activities in a secure and convenient manner, in a WhatsApp chat with their Bank as a contact. This capability is made possible through Clickatell Transact’s .Control platform, integrated with the WhatsApp Business API.

The .Control platform which enables Chat Banking, allows banks to roll out banking activities like account balance checks, money transfers and acquiring digital products across popular communication channels like USSD and now, WhatsApp. The platform offers flexibility, reliability, fraud and risk management for banks and a convenient on demand banking capability for consumers wherever they are. Additionally, the functionality of .Control allows for in-house management of chat workflows, affording banks the opportunity to make changes, edit, add/remove products for example, instantaneously. This product is designed for employees with little to no development experience allowing any certified staff member to manage banking workflows in minutes.

Nigeria is recognized as an economy with a rapidly accelerating move from the informal to the formal sector. 46.9 million Nigerians are now formally served by banks or similar. Similarly, approximately 52% of the Nigerian population utilize the WhatsApp platform daily. The introduction of Chat Banking from Clickatell is accelerating the banking adoption curve by eliminating the overhead required to roll out new banking features across popular communication channels and in different countries.

Clickatell Transact and our clients are proud to be market leaders with the launch of this innovative solution, aimed at improving consumer experience, creating financial inclusion and amplifying technological advancement in the banking industry.

Jeppe Dorff, Managing Director and Executive Vice President of Clickatell Transact said, “It’s been an exceptional journey with our clients and it’s clear that they are committed to providing the best experience for their customers anywhere, anytime. We are building on the exceptional momentum we have seen in Africa and have an exciting roster of banks going live with Clickatell Transact’s .Control platform across Africa in the coming quarters”.

We look forward to bringing more clients closer to their customers, creating better experiences and offering better solutions to every day customer issues, as well as enabling our clients to be heros in their customers’ eyes.

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