Clickatell hackathon winners - The Free Loaders - 2nd place

Clickatell hackathon winners 2015

We're back! It's the next installment of our look back at Hacklab 2013, our in-house Hackathon that put teams of Clickatellians head-to-head in a mobile app creation battle of epic proportions. This week, we take a look at an entry that should get mobile devs exceptionally excited!

Free Loader

Was created by a multi-talented team who affectionately dubbed themselves "The Freeloaders". In essence, it's a test interface designed to simulate real-world traffic conditions/profiles against a simulation API. The app is designed to take the guesswork and stress out of developing systems that will need to handle heavy message traffic. If you've ever been responsible for hitting the big red ON button, before being able to test your app under real-world conditions, then you know how valuable this app could be.

How it works:

In a bid to take the win at Hacklab 2013, The Free Loaders made their app deceptively simple and easy to use. Step 1: Using Free Loader's web interface or API, you register your app for load testing. Step 2: The app runs simulated connections to your app, for the duration you specify. Step 3: Monitor results in real-time and then share your results with team members, or the world! As if its core functionality wasn't enough, there's so much more to this awesome testing platform.

  • It allows full integration with Clickatell, without having to register an account

  • It generates tailored load conditions, for testing under user-specified conditions

  • Using it requires no commercial agreement, license or hardware costs

  • A simple, easy to use interface

  • Automated QA (a script that runs itself)

  • Provides easy to and throughput analytics (in portable HTML reports)

  • It's absolutely free to use!

We're incredibly proud of The Free Loaders for building such a useful app for mobile devs, let alone doing it in under 24 hours. To see how Free Loader works, check out the code on Github.

* Clickatell has no affiliation with this API and API's created during this Hackathon are not currently supported by Clickatell.

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