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Demand spikes nine-fold for Clickatell SMS gateway security

Clickatell SMS gateway security

The Clickatell SMS gateway has long been a secure area where clients and developers can go running promising SMS marketing campaigns geared towards improving their business. With the rise in SMS-generated multi-vendor threats, mobile malware, and SMS spam, recent research has shown that by 2017, demand for such security will skyrocket.

The SMS security gateway market insists that demand will grow 9 fold, proving the rapid development of the Clickatell SMS gateway is not only founded but crucial. What does the future look like with such pleas for stronger gateway security?

In a recent post, Infonetics Research released its findings based on a biannual SMS/MMS security gateway analysis. The company is known for working with international market research and has its finger on the pulse of the Clickatell SMS gateway security debate. The report in particular, focuses on global forecasts for the next 4 years, leading up until 2017 - the year that is supposed to culminate a need that is nine times greater than our current security needs with regard to Clickatell SMS gateway security. This report also provides trends based on other company's security gateways and firewalls, collecting a host of security knowledge into an easy-to-read fact sheet. Based on this report, Jeff Wilson, the principal analyst for the security division of Infonetics Research has this to say, "With nearly 10 trillion SMS/MMS messages being generated annually worldwide, SMS spam, mobile malware, and SMS -generated multi-vendor threats are an ever-increasing problem."

Wilson goes on to say that many mobile carriers have not yet invested in SMS security solutions. The Clickatell SMS gateway for example, has built-in security that will keep your data safe and free from malicious attacks. One point that Wilson drives home is the growing need for smart gateways or security companies that take these threats more seriously in the future. They expect global revenue in this sector to grow by 55% between 2012 and 2017.

The Clickatell SMS Gateway Solution

The Clickatell SMS gateway is free to test and will enable you to securely send SMS data across a variety of networks - getting your message to the right people, at the right time. Some issues that were highlighted in the report include the burgeoning SMS security gateway concerns - as economic, regulatory, and attack conditions are only now coming together to be a serious threat to other types of the SMS gateway.

You can expect some solid market growth in the future - from $41 million in 2012 to at least $363 million by 2017. Any expansion will depend on the development of new types of security that will keep client data safe. The Clickatell SMS gateway on the other hand will continue to be shaped, molded, and grown from within, to equal or better the security measures that other SMS gateway security providers may offer. Clients will continue to look for performance, branding, and security in their chosen Clickatell SMS gateway, and we will continue to provide them with the best our teams have to offer - which means world-class security that will keep hackers and phishers out.

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