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How real-time SMS marketing is driving sales and engagement

Real-time SMS marketing

As a modern marketer, you have a full plate. Keeping up with the latest trends can be overwhelming. You’re drowning under buzzwords and worried you’ll get left behind if you don’t embrace the shiny, new marketing tactics. But, you don’t have the time or budget to try them all. What if the best marketing tool was right in front of you all along? SMS marketing might not be new, but it’s still the most effective communication channel. Let’s take a look at the facts.

SMS is the fastest form of communication, with the highest engagement rates. Consumers prefer SMS over email, and they think better of brands who use SMS to communicate with them, according to this Flowroute customer survey.

You also don’t need to learn complicated new technology to run an effective SMS campaign. A tool like Clickatell’s SMS Platform can SMS-enable any device. When you pair this with real-time marketing, you begin to see the true benefits of SMS marketing. .

Geo-fencing & real-time SMS offers

Innovative retailers are reaping the rewards with location-based ads. In the U.S, spend on location-based ads is increasing. SMS geofencing campaigns, where you create a virtual fence around a geographic area, are the easiest and most cost-effective way to drive location-based advertising.

Consumers are receptive to cross-channel transactions, with 36% of millennial shoppers being open to in-store mobile messaging. Clickatell’s guide on the Mobile Evolution of Retail details some of the possibilities:

“…a message could be sent to a customer alerting them to a 30 minute special on a product they may have previously shown interest in. Others have taken the concept even further, introducing an app that senses customers in the area and then displays a countdown special offer.”

Real-time contests

SMS marketing provides an immediate and cost-effective way to share news on discounts, promotions and in-store deals. Fruit & Veg City used Clickatell’s SMS messaging to update thousands of customers in real-time, increasing awareness for its promotions.

Fairmount Dubai used SMS messaging to quickly notify customers of time-sensitive food and beverage deals. Over 80% of UAE citizens own mobile phones, so SMS marketing was a clear winner for the campaign.

Increase two-way engagement

Food delivery service, UCOOK used Clickatell’s SMS messaging platform to encourage real-time engagement and remind users to place their orders.

UCOOK co-founder David Torr said: “SMS allows us to non-invasively distribute functional prompts and receive real-time reactions from our customer base.” SMS’s high open rates have made it  “an instrumental method of communication”, added Torr.

Setting up your SMS Marketing Strategy

To cash in on the benefits of SMS marketing, win customers over with incentives on your social media platforms. Your opt-in needs to be seductive. Mobile numbers are coveted assets; make it worth your customers while to give it up. Discounts and access to exclusive promotions work well. Share your SMS shortcode on your social media and website to make it easy for users to sign up and participate in your SMS campaigns.

Context is critical when it comes to any type of marketing, and SMS marketing is no different. Personalization and taking the time to craft relevant messages for different users will set your SMS marketing campaign apart. Our article on SMS marketing dos and don’ts will help you stage a winning SMS marketing campaign.

Increase the return on investment for your marketing efforts today by launching your SMS campaign easily with Clickatell’s SMS Platform.

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