9 Use Cases for Two-Way SMS in the Airline & Aviation Industry

According to our latest industry Chat Commerce Report, 87% of consumers now want to use mobile messaging to communicate with travel companies. 

With traveler satisfaction at an all time low, airlines are looking to modernize antiquated processes and service pipelines that are frustrating their audience.

Leaders in the airline and aviation industry are, quite literally, weathering the perfect storm of labor losses, inclement weather and sudden travel surges, placing a massive burden to keep up with peak demand—without the resources or infrastructure to support them. They now face a major dilemma: how can they do more, with less?

Why Two-Way SMS is Taking Off in the Travel Industry 

As the airline and aviation industry continues to evolve, it's important for companies to find ways to streamline and improve the customer experience. One technology that can greatly benefit airlines and their passengers is two-way SMS. 

Two-way SMS provides a self-service platform for customers to book flights, purchase upgrades, and request support–without overwhelming your desk agents.

In this article, we'll explore some of the key use cases for two-way SMS in the airline and aviation industry and how it can benefit both airlines and their customers. 

1: Communicate Gate Information and Flight Times

Emails send information at a snail’s pace in comparison to SMS. Nobody wants to sift through an inbox of hundreds of emails to find one message with their flight information. With two-way SMS, passengers can easily retrieve information about their flight in just a few text messages. SMS is also helpful for communicating gate changes or delays to passengers. 

2: Upsell With In-Flight Upgrades

Many passengers are willing to pay extra for a more comfortable and enjoyable flying experience, whether to upgrade to a premium seat or purchase in-flight Wi-Fi or entertainment. Two-way SMS empowers airlines to easily extend these upgrades to their passengers through automation. 

3: Reduce the Workload on Airline Staff

Two-way SMS is the key to unlocking operational efficiencies for airlines and putting desk agents' workloads at ease. By using this technology, airlines can easily communicate with customers in real-time when they have questions or need an update on their flight.

4: Integrate Baggage Claim Status

The uses of SMS are evolving every day. An opportunity to go above and beyond is to integrate text into your baggage claim operations. By triggering an SMS alert when luggage gets scanned, you can keep customers informed every step of the way, reducing frustration and ensuring a smooth and stress-free travel experience.

5: Provide Transportation Information

Two-way SMS is a convenient communication method for passengers who need to request transportation to and from the airport. In just a few texts, they can request and coordinate rideshare or taxi services, without having to use an external app or wait in line for an available driver.

6: Promote Travel-Related Products 

Airlines are using SMS to promote and sell travel-related products, from rental cars to hotels, excursions and even travel insurance. In addition to generating additional revenue, SMS upsells offer an instant and efficient way for passengers to purchase relevant services straight from their mobile devices.

7: Grow Your Frequent Flyer and Loyalty Programs 

Loyalty programs are a popular way for airlines to reward their most frequent travelers. Many brands leverage SMS for exclusive offers available only to their text subscribers, from fare discounts to upgrade opportunities. 

8: Manage Profiles or Payment Info

Passengers may also leverage SMS to manage their profiles and payment information with your airline. This can include updating personal details such as contact information or passport details, as well as adding or updating payment methods. 

9: Real-Time Customer Support

Support via SMS has been a game-changer for businesses of all industries. The ability to provide real-time support to passengers is necessary to keep up with the demands of modern communication. In our recent study, we found that customer lifetime value improved by 22% for travel organizations that adopted mobile messaging in their business. 

All Roads Lead to Two-Way SMS

Two-way SMS is a powerful tool for the airline and aviation industry, providing a convenient and efficient way for airlines to communicate with and serve their customers. Meet your travelers on a channel that they’re already using daily—SMS.

From booking flights and making reservations to managing loyalty programs and providing real-time support, there are limitless opportunities to leverage the platform. By adopting this technology, airlines can improve the travel experience and streamline their operations, ultimately leading to greater success and profitability.

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