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Personalize in-store shopping with mobile marketing

In-store mobile marketing

Mobile marketing has the ability to help your brand streamline and personalize in-store shopping experiences for your customers. There are a host of new technologies available that leverage the power of SMS and app integration in order to create unique, high value experiences for your customers as they make buying decisions in your store.

Customer loyalty has become a significant challenge due to the emergence of ecommerce, so when a brand is able to feed their shoppers real-time, personalized information via mobile marketing as they shop - it can mean dozens of opportunities to leverage sales from product information, discounts, cross selling and upselling techniques.

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What do you mean by personalizing in-store experiences?

For many retail brand advertisers the absolute ideal in marketing is the ability to convert customers in real-time. When you couple instant access to information with the right location (in-store) at the right time (while shopping) and then incentivize and personalize that shopping experience (discounts, personal preferences) - magic happens. Mobile marketing is the perfect vessel for delivering these real-time custom experiences to your customers.

Mobile marketing has always had the ability to bring two worlds together - the instant access of data from the cloud, and real world engagement from in-store shopping. Combine them and your brand has the potential to create incredible customer loyalty applications, micro-networks and high conversion, personalized in-store shopping experiences. It's the future!

Personalized shopping from the customer's perspective

In the mobile marketing arena, integrated apps are driving this new level of in-store engagement. A customer that has signed-up to a stores customer loyalty app may be able to perform a variety of unique tasks that enhances and adds value to their shopping experience.

For example:

  • The app will allow the store to track past customer behavior, and predict future buying patterns - so that real time in-store messages can be customized for incredibly high returns. With mobile marketing, customers will receive discounts for products they are looking at or really want, in real-time in-store.

  • When your customer is linked with your app or on your retail SMS list (for SMS geofencing for example) you will know where they go in your store, and who is currently in your shop for better attraction and conversion marketing.

  • The app will provide amazing mobile marketing data to your customers in real time, interfacing with the products, people and experiences in your store. For example, they can gain instant access to nutritional data on certain products, see who else in their social networks have bought that product, even share special deals online for you via their mobile phone and your app interface.

  • Create personalized product recommendations, real-time discounts, time sensitive deals, and customer adverts that speak to the individual shopper.

How does all of this work for my store?

To acquire this mobile marketing power, you will need to get an app with SMS integration created for your business, so that internal ad networks can be created and leveraged.

There are some 'out-of-the-box' solutions, but make a point of looking for a 'total' experience, with QR code technology, augmented reality, retail SMS, analytics and point of sale integration with something like Near Field Communication technology.

Some 46% of shoppers have admitted that they would buy MORE from a retailer that personalizes the in-store experience. With mobile marketing, you will be able to combine showrooming, technology, online shopping and customer loyalty for complete multi-channel success with in-store personalization.

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