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5 Insights to help you run a successful SMS marketing campaign

Running Successful SMS marketing campaigns

1.  Clear call-to-action

Before launching your SMS marketing campaign you need to consider what your goals are. Communicate your objectives clearly to your staff and integrate your SMS campaigns seamlessly into all aspects of your company’s marketing strategy. Don’t think of SMS as separate from your other campaigns. Once you understand what it is you want to achieve and how it will affect other marketing aspects of your business, decide on a powerful call-to-action. If a customer does not understand what they are reading in an SMS or exactly what they need to do once they’ve read it, your campaign will fail. A capitalized keyword and short code should be very clearly presented in your SMS to encourage convenient engagement.

Click here for more insight into how to write high conversion SMS messages.

2.  Incentives

Once your campaign is sent out, it will disrupt your customer’s day. Don’t take for granted the short time it takes to read an SMS. Energize your customer relationship management program by always offering your customers a little something extra to ensure that they are opt-in. Discounted offers, exclusive privileges, limited access or unique specials are a great way to guarantee engagement with your campaign. Personalizing messages also creates a sense of familiarity and respect and 2 way SMS is a valuable way to engage and gain insight into your market.

3.   Be compliant

Customers should opt-in to your offers by simply texting a keyword to a short code. This easily ensures that you have a buy-in from your clientele, which means they won’t feel spammed. Mobile communication legislation and compliance requirements can sometimes pose obstacles. Your SMS campaign does need to adhere to certain legal requirements. These often include adding terms and conditions, an opt-out option and disclosing any additional SMS charges. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the specific regulations applicable to the territories you are sending messages to.

Read more about country-specific regulations or contact our sales advisors via the following web form. They’re experienced in delivering messages globally and will assist you in making a success of your SMS marketing campaign.

4. Immediate and consistent

Because your SMS is certain to be delivered to your consumer almost immediately, you need to utilize and leverage this for the good of your campaign. Promote special offers that are time sensitive or events that take place in the near future. Once you have buy-in from your customers, don’t spam them, but you do need to be consistent. Most successful campaigns connect with their consumers on a weekly basis.

5. Integrate and measure

Your SMS campaign should be fully integrated with your traditional marketing and media advertising like TV, print, radio and social media. Your call-to-action needs to be well thought out to secure the effectiveness of your campaign. Ensure that you measure the success of your campaign by monitoring your customer engagement and subscriber growth. Constantly reassess your campaigns to best suit your customer’s needs.

Well-timed, personalized SMS messaging has the potential to help you generate leads and boost revenue. Now that you know how to create more effective and successful SMS campaigns, partner with Clickatell, one of the world’s leading messaging experts. Get started today by signing up now for your free Clickatell account.

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