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3 International SMS success stories from famous app developers

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International SMS success stories for app developers may be rare, but what you'll find is that the apps that do make it big, make it very big - and this in large part has to do with their SMS functionality. By integrating SMS into their apps these savvy app developers have vastly improved their app value and service to their users.

The app development niche is insanely competitive, which means that any extra feature that gives an app the edge is vital to its sales. Today, we're looking at apps with international SMS features.

The Mxit Success Story

How many times have you read an article stating that a chat app is going to replace international SMS functionality? For those in the 'know' the humble SMS is actually a very important part of these app success stories. Mxit for example is a mobile social network that is one of the most popular in Africa.

They proudly report that each user on average spends 74 moola (their in-app currency). Since implementing this excellent form of in-app currency their user base has shot up. All you have to do to buy moola to spend in-app is to send a simple worldwide SMS.

You can also buy this moola inside the app itself, in which case Mxit sends an SMS with your credits to your account. In many ways Mxit's meteoric rise was thanks to international SMS functionality - and their incredible team of course!

The Rummble Success Story

Another international SMS success story lies with Rummble, the predictive analytics company that leverages huge amounts of data in order to streamline real-time communication with customers. By analyzing specific behavioral models, the company assists your brand in targeting, personalizing and selling to real people.

Rummble began as a simple search and discovery tool, but quickly escalated and revamped as SMS assisted with its global roll out and customer service. Customer service and instant network diagnostics were fueled by the Clickatell international SMS system.

Using SMPP and a robust connection, there was never again an issue with their inbound or outbound messaging. This international SMS service was just the boost they needed.

The BrightKite Success Story

Brightkite is a mobile social network that began as one of the very first location based social networks with check-in functionality. With more than 3 million users every month, BrightKite needed something to help them connect properly with fans in a safe, secure manner. They chose Clickatell's international SMS capabilities to help them achieve this.

Our mobile social networking solutions made it super-easy for BrightKite to integrate our international SMS with their apps. In no time at all, this social network was able to reliably send secure SMS alerts to millions of customers, in many different countries.

These incredibly famous app developers, business pioneers and social network giants have effectively harnessed the power of international SMS to help expand their business and grow into new areas over the years. Surely this proves how valuable SMS technology is to up and coming app developers that want to launch their companies into the limelight.

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