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Automated SMS for the Human Resources Department

SMS human resources

The human resources (HR) department is one of the most important sections in any company. While smaller businesses will have someone to handle all of these tasks as part of their job, bigger companies will have a dedicated department or outsource the responsibility. By embracing technology, especially automated SMS, these HR departments can be streamlined.

HR departments don’t just exist to protect the company and employees. While there is a stigma that HR exists in order to ‘look busy’ or to implement tasks, they handle a range of vital applications. From handling employee contracts to checking on company culture, HR has a massive job to do.

Depending on how many employees may currently be in the company, HR can be bogged down with needless queries and problems that would take an employee seconds to find out on their own. It is because of this that systems need to be implemented in order to streamline HR, such as automated SMS.

Using automated SMS to check on company morale

Every business needs to keep a positive company morale. If not, soon employee productivity and work ethic will begin to fall, which results in resignations across the board. Employees can be kept happy by listening to them, taking an interest in their work, and implementing fun gatherings where everyone can relax. However, you need to anticipate negativity before it is too late.

Every HR department has their employee’s mobile phone numbers on record. By sending out an automated two-way SMS at regular intervals, HR is able to receive feedback from employees on their well-being. This can include problems with managers, unrealistic deadlines, and if the coffee machine isn’t up to scratch.

The system can collect the information and list it as anonymous to make the employee feel safe. After all, if they are complaining about a manager then they don’t want the person to know. This is easier than sending out a form or Google Doc the employees fill in.

Handling easy queries

Surprisingly, many companies do not implement a system with an employee’s information for their own reference. For example, some businesses will only calculate the amount of leave available when it comes time to create a payslip. This can cause a few problems as staff members need this information throughout the year. And not all HR IT systems are as user-friendly as they should be.

That is why HR departments would benefit from a two-way automated SMS system. An employee would be able to SMS the word “SICK LEAVE” to the system to see how many days they have used and have left in the current cycle. This system would free up many HR employees from looking up basic information and increase time efficiency.

A reminder system

Many companies have internal calendars, but with the number of meetings that fill these, things may get lost. Instead of just having important company updates and events on the calendar, SMS all employees about them. By having these reminders, it would ensure that no employee forgets about a company update or schedules another appointment for the same time.

The SMS system can also be used for company updates to keep employees up to date with the general goings-on. Notifications may consist of internet outages, cleaning staff being away, the acquisition of a big client, or staff birthdays, increasing time efficiency without needless meetings.

It’s not just HR departments that will benefit from SMS implementation. In this recent article, we look at six industries using SMS messaging, such as healthcare, shopping, and financial services.

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