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Evolve Your Contact Center with Clickatell Chat Desk

The modern customer contact center is critical to any consumer-facing business. Contact centers must maintain the stringent customer experience standards of your business while working with customers that have urgent questions and problems that need to be solved. Your customers want to be satisfied with every interaction with your business - including service and support functions. And their evaluation of an overall brand experience with your company will be end-to-end, from the quality of your products and services to the Web or in-store experience to their wait time and customer service interactions when they require help.

For too many businesses, the contact center is a weak link in an otherwise excellent experience across customer touchpoints. Customers view the contact center experience as inconvenient, time-consuming, and frustrating, filled with redundancies and long IVR menus. Incorrect call routing takes them to call handoffs and ID authentication is often required repeatedly during the same call. What’s worse, there is little flexibility in the experience. Regardless of the complexity of the customer issue, the process seems to be the same; even simple questions turn into complicated 30-minute calls.

The contact center could do so much more for the customer – and for your brand. Great customer support builds goodwill and loyalty. But a bad experience – even in a contact center – can deeply damage the customer relationship. Poor contact centers cost businesses revenue.

Digitize the contact center

Clickatell Chat Desk is one of the most advanced digital contact center software solutions for live agents in the world. Chat Desk provides an extraordinary level of support and value, reducing workload pressure on your call center and giving supervisors more insight into customer issues and more control into elevations. By giving supervisors the power to have immediate access to real-time reporting and visibility into agent activity and customer escalations the customer benefits from a smarter, streamlined customer service experience.

Chat Desk was built to improve the live agent experience because human interactions are needed to solve complex customer problems. Our solution decreases wait times and helps contact center live agents to deliver high-quality engagements that matter most to customers. Happy customers are repeat customers.

Improve the customer experience

Clickatell Chat Desk helps get customer inquiries to live agents over chat or to resolve queries on their own through automated FAQs. Contact center experts know that the majority of customer questions are the same, so by enabling automation and pre-populated answers, call volumes are decreased and complex issues can be more quickly and efficiently routed to live agents. Customers can also interact directly via mobile device with support and utilize chat through  WhatsApp or SMS with more chat channels and capabilities on the way.

Significantly decrease the number of incoming calls and email inquiries. Reduce contact center costs and increase customer satisfaction scores. Turn your contact center into a business advantage that strengthens customer relationships rather than erodes them.

Performance and reliability of the cloud

Chat Desk is cloud-based, for fast deployments and instant updates, and is CRM agnostic, allowing for easy integrations into your CRM of choice and other contact center toolkits. Our cloud-based approach ensures that your contact center system will always be optimized for speed and flexibility and also mitigated against slowdowns.

Chat Desk is also future proof – we will maintain compatibility and optimal performance with new contact center software and systems as your contact center continues to improve and evolve.


Digitizing your contact center has never been more imperative for your brand and your bottom line. Your customers expect high-quality experiences during every touchpoint with your business – they reward companies that meet their expectations and walk away from those that do not.

Improve your workflows, enhance your customer experience with shorter wait times and better live agent interactions, and create a contact center that works smarter and saves money. Contact us  today to learn how to dramatically improve your contact center and deliver the experiences your customers have been looking for from your contact center.

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