A complete digital distribution and payments acceptance platform built for growth

Increase engagement on your chat applications with products such as airtime, data, and bill payments

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Chat desk solutions by Clickatell

Get the tools and services you need to drive customer engagement.

  • Reduce complexity around distributing digital products or services.

  • Integrate secure and compliant payment methods into checkout processes.

  • Actively manage transactions in chat channels.

  • Facilitate commerce securely and reliably in a highly scalable manner.

  • Allow a variety of payment methods.

  • Get to market faster with a flexible and customizable payment and digital product distribution platform.

What you need to succeed in Chat Commerce

Increase engagement on your chat applications and earn commissions by selling proven, market-specific digital products such as airtime, data, and bill payments that drive acquisition and increase retention.

Offer in-chat payment with Clickatell’s pre-defined commerce templates which are built for ready integration with your existing payment acceptance vendors.

Gain real-time and detailed views of each transaction, sale, and refund with Clickatell’s Portal. Transaction Management services automatically take care of vendor-specific rules for retries and queuing, providing the higher conversion rates in the industry.

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Serve your customer’s digital distribution and payment needs via chat channels.