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A visual tool to create automated experiences

Flow is integrated with Clickatell’s Touch, Connect and Transact platforms. These platform integrations make it easy to create self-service experiences for customer care, transactions and a wide range of use cases.

Create exciting real-time engagement customer journeys in chat

With Flow, businesses can create use cases once and deploy them across multiple mobile channels. Flow currently supports WhatsApp and USSD channels.

Enterprise grade offering:
Flow’s open architecture enables a business to integrate customer journeys into its internal systems, while preserving enterprise-grade security and compliance requirements.


Benefits of Flow

Flow is a cloud-hosted web application built for enterprises. Businesses can set up user access controls and start using Flow instantly. Flow provides sandbox and production environments to test, deploy, and optimize the experiences.

Design workflows with a point and click interface

Flow is designed for a fast-paced environment that requires a short learning curve: consistent customer experience across channels, quick optimizations for customer experience, and rapid time to market. Flow is developed for business users and analysts, with minimal or zero development experience.
Flow is capable of delivering a wide range of business responses – from general queries and frequently asked questions, to account information look-ups and convenience/utility workflows. It provides various smart ways to detect user intent – NLP intent engine, customizable rules, and a keyword/shortcut library setup.

Clickatell makes Flow adoption easy through the availability of:

  • Professional services
  • Training and development
  • Solution templates to jumpstart experiences for Chat Banking and Chat Commerce

Contact us to show you how Flow can be used to help your business interact with customers at scale.


Flow Extensions

Flow is built for quick API integrations with both third-party enterprise software and legacy customer enterprise systems. Such integration APIs allow Flow to extend its core functionality and lets enterprise IT use “best of breed” components to build a seamless customer experience.
The most popular active integrations are:

Live agent chat using Chat Desk:

Flow is integrated with Chat Desk to provide live agent-based customer interactions. Chat Desk supports live chat conversations across WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Web Chat and mobile apps.

Third party Integrations:  

For businesses that use a different social media monitoring or call center software, Touch APIs and integrations documents are available to connect those systems into Flow’s customer journeys.

Commerce offerings using Transact platform:

Flow is integrated with Transact enabling businesses to easily offer the ability to purchase digital goods and services. Transact supports offerings from the brand and also supports a catalog of digital products.


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Contact us to show you how Flow can be used to help your business interact with customers at scale.

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