USSD Services


In addition to these USSD Service specific terms, you confirm that you have read and agree to the General Terms, the Rules of Use and our Privacy notice (our Terms).

It is important that you understand your responsibilities and the limitations to the USSD services.



  • USSD Services. We will provide you with access to our USSD platform for transmission of USSD sessions between your systems and mobile phone users. Our systems will determine the correct USSD menu to send to a mobile phone user based on the defined menu structures you provided to us as long as
    • you used the correct API for submission of the USSD session to our system; and
    • you have the correct USSD menu defined on your system.
  • Exclusions. Our USSD services specifically exclude the provision and generation of USSD menus.
  • USSD sessions. The maximum duration of a USSD session is 2 minutes. USSD sessions will time-out if it is idle for longer than 20 seconds. Any participant may terminate a USSD session before it times out.
  • Service codes. On your request, we may procure a service code on your behalf. Service codes remain the property of the network service provider from which we procured it. Network service providers may change or withdraw service codes without cause and without the network service provider or us incurring any liability.
  • Coverage. We can transmit USSD sessions via various mobile networks. For a list of countries and available mobile networks, please contact us at
  • Not liable for latency. Various factors beyond our control, including the distance between your and our systems and the method by which you connect to our systems, may affect the speed at which USSD sessions are transmitted between your systems and the handsets of mobile phone users. We do not accept liability for any damages or losses arising out of delays caused by latency. This includes any direct, indirect, special, consequential, punitive or incidental damages, or damages for loss of use, profits, data or other intangibles, or the cost of procurement of substitute goods and services.
  • Throttling. We do not employ dynamic throttling.
  • Roaming. We can usually transmit USSD sessions to mobile phone users that are roaming provided their handset and the network that they are subscribed to supports roaming on the relevant foreign network. We are not aware of and do not have any control over whether roaming is available to mobile phone users. Mobile networks may charge mobile phone users increased fees while roaming. USSD services may be negatively impacted due to latency if mobile phone users participate in a USSD session while roaming.
  • Scheduled Maintenance. We may suspend USSD services for up to 6 hours per month for scheduled maintenance of our systems. We will notify you of scheduled maintenance at least 24 hours before it starts.

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You are responsible for:

  • payment of our fees in accordance with our General Terms and section 4 below;
  • the cost, installation and management of connectivity to our USSD platform via VPN and/or leased lines and all development work required for integration of your internal systems with our USSD platform
  • providing us with all information we require for configuration of our systems to enable your integration to it
  • the quality and stability of your systems and your connection to our USSD platform;
  • USSD menu generation, including the creation of a USSD menu application, the integration of your USSD menu into your internal systems, and the provision of the necessary information for loading and configuration of your USSD menus on our systems;
  • providing us with information needed to investigate and fix problems;
  • your contractual relationship with mobile phone users consistent with our Terms;
  • all front-end application monitoring and reporting, as well as provision of support and helpdesk services to mobile phone users;
    • marketing of your USSD offering and communication of service codes and costs to mobile phone users;
  • marketing of your USSD offering and communication of service codes and costs to mobile phone users;
  • ensuring that appropriate security measures are in place to protect personal information of your clients and mobile phone users, and to prevent unauthorised access to confidential information or transactional information contained in each USSD session; and
  • any other obligations in our Terms.

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  • Fee requests. USSD fees are available on request. To learn more about our USSD services and fees, please contact
  • Fees. USSD fees include a once-off set-up fee, monthly management fees and USSD session fees.
  • Mobile network charges. If a mobile network charges us for processing your USSD session, we will pass the cost on to you in addition to our USSD fees.
  • Suspension. If we have suspended our USSD services to you or the service code linked to your account for any reason, we will send a notice indicating that the service is not available to any mobile phone user who attempts to transmit a USSD session to you. We will charge you the normal USSD session fee for each USSD session initiated by a mobile phone user for transmission to your account during suspension, whether or not the USSD session was actually transmitted to or received by you.
  • Records. If our records are different from your records regarding the USSD services, our records will apply.
  • Recipient charges. Recipients may be charged a fee per USSD session by mobile networks. You will not be entitled to any portion of these fees.
  • Changes to fees. We may increase fees at any time on notice to you.

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  • Contact. If you have questions about our USSD services or need technical support, please contact our 24/7 support desk at