Bands for HireBands For Hire Ltd is a live music agency operating in the UK, originally founded in 2010, providing musical bands for any occasion. From string ensembles and function and wedding bands to jazz, swing, and acoustic bands, Bands for Hire has it all and uses SMS messaging to effectively communicate with their clients and musical acts.

Email vs SMS messaging

Email has long been a trusted method of communication but when you consider that the channel only has a 20% open rate, it becomes very apparent why Bands for Hire found it inefficient. “We receive up to a thousand enquiries every week and a more robust system was required to ensure an effective and reliable service,” says Bands for Hire founder and director Adam Mezzatesta.

SMS messages certainly have a sense of urgency about them and while an email is often easy to put aside, text messages have a personal element to them that calls for a quicker response.

Bands for Hire uses SMS messaging to inform clients that an email has been sent, prompting them to check their emails sooner. Even with the proliferation of smartphones, not everyone has email notifications set up on their phone so SMS really helps in this respect.

“With hundreds of email quotes being sent out by our staff each day, there is inevitably a proportion of these that are either marked as junk by spam filters or bounce back as a result of incorrect contact form submissions. Every enquiry is important to us and we needed a way to ensure 100% of our clients receive a reply,” says Adam.

A simple SMS message takes care of the problem – clients receive the text when a quote is sent and gives them the ability to reply via SMS should the email fail to be delivered.

Standing out from the crowd

Adam continued to say that adding SMS notifications to Bands for Hire’s system has helped their company stand out from the crowd in a number of ways. The most important of these is that it's helped the agency manage their enquiries more effectively and ensure that 100% of their clients receive a reply, even when email fails - whether that be due to incorrectly filling in of their contact forms or overzealous spam filters preventing their emails from reaching the client.

“SMS messages add an extra element of professionalism to the company, I think customers generally recognize that communication must be a priority for us,” he says.

Why choose Clickatell?

After researching various SMS providers and online solutions, Bands for Hire chose to use Clickatell thanks to the easy-to-use API with full and clear documentation and numerous code samples to get started. Adam says that this meant that the agency “could handle the integration in-house without spending vast amounts of money before we’d even begun. We’ve never had any disruptions with the service, the delivery rate is constantly high and customer service have always been very quick to reply to queries”.

“Signing up to Clickatell was one of the best decisions we've made. Not only does the service work efficiently and at a reasonable price, it also creates a sense of professionalism with our clients and acts.”

Bands For Hire Ltd Founder and Director, Adam Mezzatesta

SMS Platform

Clickatell SMS Platform is a bulk SMS system that enables you to send messages securely, reliably and instantly, sparking a dynamic dialogue between business and customer.

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