How to Use WhatsApp Business for Better Customer Service

WhatsApp is the most-used and loved instant messaging service. In February 2020, WhatsApp reached the milestone of two billion monthly active users worldwide. But it’s much more than that when you use it for your customer service. Using WhatsApp Business gives you a powerful, personal new way to communicate with your customers.

Millions of businesses are already using WhatsApp Business to improve customer service and share information about their latest products and services. The experience is far more personal than the one created by a website. WhatsApp provides a platform for discussion and feedback. What’s more, because it puts your business in your customer’s address book, it puts your company’s communications on par with those of friend and family.

Using WhatsApp Business

The WhatsApp Business app is ideal for boosting customer engagement and satisfaction levels. This powerful, multi-functional tool gives you the chance to deal efficiently with queries and concerns—in the way that shoppers are increasingly preferring. And it’s free.

Whether you want to create a catalog of your products, develop an online community, or connect customers to account info or answers, there’s a WhatsApp function to help you succeed. And, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app for all age groups.

WhatsApp Business Messaging

Texts and instant messages are the preferred way today’s customers want to communicate. According to a survey commissioned by Avochato, U.S. consumers prefer to communicate by instant messaging than by telephone. The survey revealed that almost two-thirds of respondents would consider switching to a company that offered such a service.

Customers are much more likely to respond to a message on WhatsApp than answer a phone call from an unknown number. The average open rate in WhatsApp is an impressive 98%.

Imagine you sent a customer a quote for a service or product three days ago. You haven’t heard back, so instead of sending a formal email or calling, you send a friendly WhatsApp message. Doing so gives your potential customer a quick, hassle-free way of replying—using the same communications method they use to chat with family and friends.

WhatsApp Business Broadcast Messages

Broadcast messages on the WhatsApp Business app let you easily send the same message to many people at once. This is a great way to communicate new products or special offers quickly. Doing so in a large batch, of course saves time and effort. Moreover, because each recipient doesn’t know that they’re part of a wider group, this type of broadcast message retains the personal feel of a 1:1 conversation.

By pressing a button within the WhatsApp Business app, you can start a group chat with hundreds of contacts in seconds. For larger broadcasts, the WhatsApp Business API is a better choice. If you’re launching a new product or service, using WhatsApp is a powerful, personal way to announce it to your customer base.

WhatsApp Business Automation

WhatsApp Business automation functions allow you to communicate with your customers while minimizing costs. When customers reach out on WhatsApp to ask FAQs or make complaints, you can use a virtual assistant to start the conversation.

The latest WhatsApp automated services can respond to basic customer queries. They gather information and make recommendations while your live human agents concentrate on other things. WhatsApp Business also enables customers to escalate issues and connect with live customer service agents when they want to or need to. Clickatell makes it easy to design and deliver these seamless engagements within WhatsApp Business—with no technical experience needed.

WhatsApp Business automated services are like always having a receptionist on call. They ensure customers with queries or complaints never have to wait. And often, they turn negative customer experiences into positive ones.

WhatsApp Business CRM

WhatsApp Business CRM software providers are creating some highly functional add-ons for businesses of all sizes.

What does this mean for your business? Well, it means every time a new customer sends you a message, a new lead is created. Automatically capturing leads in this way saves time and money — and frees up key employees to spend more time with customers.

Once you capture a lead, you can keep the conversation going with a range of tools, such as chatbots and chat templates. Everything feeds into your CRM system. Sales generation, customer service, and operational planning combine seamlessly.

WhatsApp Business App vs. WhatsApp Business API

The WhatsApp Business app is ideal for local stores, the self-employed, and small businesses. For large businesses with complex needs, large customer bases and multiple internal users, the WhatsApp Business API is more appropriate. Choosing the WhatsApp Business API allows you to integrate its automated functions into your existing communication channels.

Imagine you’re a bakery manager who wants to let your 100 WhatsApp contacts know about a new cake you’ve just introduced. You can share photos, videos, and descriptions with a click of a button using the WhatsApp Business App.

Now imagine you’re the CEO of a major tech brand with tens of thousands of customers around the world. You need something that delivers enterprise-level functionality at scale. You also need something capable of integrating with several complex platforms, such as CRM and social media.

The WhatsApp Business API offers the power and scalability you’re looking for. Setting it up and integrating it with your current system, however, can be complex.

Get Started by Choosing an Experienced Partner

The best way to ensure that you are taking advantage of the right opportunities for your business is to find a partner with the experience and track record of success. Clickatell is uniquely suited to help you take advantage of WhatsApp and other chat channels, with tools and solutions built to scale with you as you expand your cross-channel offerings.

The Clickatell WhatsApp business API enables you to take advantage of the channel’s chat capabilities—and according to research by Aberdeen Research, provides the ability to tap into the 75% greater year-over-year (YoY) growth in annual revenue (10.7% vs. 6.1%) experienced by companies that do.

Clickatell’s Chat Desk is one of the most advanced digital contact center solutions in the world. Chat Desk works by giving your customers the ability to get immediate answers from a live agent through whatever channel they choose—mobile Chat apps like WhatsApp or online web chat. It helps reduce contact center costs, lets customers get information and resolve issues more quickly, and gives your contact center greater flexibility to manage teams, call volume, and increase satisfaction.

Our drag-and-drop visual tool, Clickatell Chat Flow, simplifies the process of rolling out seamless cross-channel customer journeys from one that requires weeks or months and pulls on many resources across your company, to one that can be designed and deployed by a non-technical business user with no long lead times.

Learn more by reaching out to Clickatell today find out how we can help your business start benefitting from WhatsApp Business today.




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