Top 8 Mobile Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Mobile marketing strategies target customers who own smartphones. That might mean optimizing a website to display correctly on a mobile device, advertising products on apps, sending personalized shopping offers via SMS, or communicating with customers on WhatsApp. There are hundreds of mobile marketing strategies you can choose from. Learn why mobile marketing strategies are vital for targeting customers. Then, discover eight techniques you can use in your small business.

Why Are Mobile Marketing Strategies So Important?

The majority of the American population — 97 percent, to be exact — now owns a smartphone. That provides small businesses like yours with incredible marketing opportunities. When you use mobile marketing strategies like the ones listed below, you can improve customer engagement, reach a global audience, boost brand loyalty, and send highly-targeted, personalized messages to customers. Mobile marketing is a cost-effective way to achieve these goals because it costs less than advertising on traditional media like TV and radio and can generate an impressive ROI.

Mobile devices have become the "main screen" in many people's lives, with the average American spending 4.1 hours a day on their device in 2021. These devices make it easy for small businesses to move customers through their sales and marketing funnels.

Here are eight effective mobile marketing strategies that all small businesses should implement for higher customer engagement, brand loyalty, and superior customer experience:

1. Optimize Your Website for Mobile

Research shows that 61% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a website if it's mobile-friendly. By optimizing your website for mobile devices, you can improve the customer experience and increase user engagement. Also, consider optimizing your mobile pages for search engines like Google, which now factor in a website's mobile SEO when determining rankings on their results pages.

2. Create a Google My Business Listing

A Google My Business listing lets you post your business location on Google Maps and search results pages, increasing exposure of your business to a global audience. Don't forget to include information about your products and services, opening/closing times, and other business-critical information that builds credibility and gains the trust of potential customers. It's completely free to create one of these listings, and the process might take you as little as 10 minutes.

3. Invest in Content Marketing

Creating content for your website or blog can improve SEO and provide potential customers with valuable information. Use websites like SEMrush and Ahrefs to optimize your content for search engines so more people can find it on their mobile devices.

4. Use Chatbots and Live Agent Support

Optimizing communications between your brand and consumers with AI-powered technologies can improve the digital customer experience and increase loyalty and trust. Chatbots, for example, can provide mobile consumers with real-time answers to common questions, reducing the need for human customer support staff. Live agent support, on the other hand, can handle more complicated customer queries and free up resources for your internal team. Both of these technologies streamline communications so you can concentrate on marketing your business.

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5. Invest in Paid Ads

Paid ads on search engines and social media platforms might require an outlay, but you could generate a significant return on your investment if your marketing messages reach the right people. Facebook Ads, vfor example, can drive traffic to your website from the world's most-used social network and help you advertise products and services to new audiences.

6. Use Free Marketing Tools

Mobile marketing doesn't always require an outlay. Various free tools help you track your marketing campaigns, identify business patterns and trends, improve the customer journey, and make smarter decisions about your company's future. Here are some free tools to consider:

7. Use QR Codes

QR codes have increased in popularity, letting businesses across all industries directly interact with consumers via their mobile devices. Consider taking out an ad in a newspaper and include a QR code that opens your online store. Alternatively, print flyers with QR codes that dial your business number.

8. Optimize Your Website for Voice Search

More consumers use their personal devices to ask Siri or Google for the latest information. Optimizing your website for voice search — by using conversational keywords, for example — can improve your search rankings and direct more prospects to your pages.

Final Word: Improve your Mobile Marketing with Clickatell

Follow these eight mobile marketing tips to attract more leads, improve brand awareness, enhance the buyer journey, and increase revenue. For even more explosive results, automate your omnichannel digital marketing strategies with Clickatell solutions such as self-service chat, live agent assistance, chat commerce service, and SMS APIs. These technologies can help you stay ahead of the competition and create better customer experiences (CX).

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