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New podcast: Simplifying Payments and Digital Commerce with Chat

Clickatell was recently featured on the American Banker podcast, where guest host Lisa Joyce had the opportunity to speak with Clickatell CEO and Co-Founder Pieter de Villiers and Ben Laluc, VP Product, Digital Commerce Solutions at Cybersource, about their new partnership and just what it will mean for financial institutions, merchants, and customers.

This fascinating conversation explores how the two companies and industry pioneers realized they were perfectly positioned to help businesses deliver Chat Commerce and contact-free checkouts through Clickatell’s newly announced Chat 2 Pay solution.

Key insights discussed in the Podcast include:

A major trend impacting merchants broadly is digital transformation. Chat 2 Pay is easy to integrate for merchants that are at different stages, enabling them to accept payments while communicating with their customers who are always on their mobile phones. For consumers, it’s a secure way to pay for goods and services conveniently and immediately with a message via SMS or chat apps like WhatsApp that includes a link to pay.

Chat 2 Pay is remarkably simple for merchants to integrate.

  • Merchants’ customers get a message via SMS or a chat app such as WhatsApp. This message includes the link to pay.

  • When merchants’ customers click on that link, it opens a secure payment page on their mobile device.

  • Depending on the merchant implementation, the customer will get a transaction confirmation and receipt, directly within the chat app.

  • And that’s it. The entire process is facilitated through chat – a channel consumers already trust and use daily.


Chat 2 Pay greatly improves convenience and security for all types of voice interactions with call center staff and salespeople. It creates greater freedom and convenience in the payment process and meets the needs of shoppers who are growing to expect the convenience of the chat apps they already trust to converse with and now use to transact with businesses. Now, consumers can ask a retailer to send a payment request, make the payment, and receive acknowledgement all from chat channels on a mobile device.

Soon, ​​every organization that wants to meet and serve their customers where they are will need a strategy around chat. The Clickatell Chat Commerce Platform enables businesses the flexibility to build the precise solutions they need to deliver to their customers right now, as well as the agility to change over time as the needs of their customers evolve.

Click here to listen to the podcast to hear about Clickatell’s comprehensive Chat Commerce Platform and how it is helping businesses connect, interact, and transact – now through Chat 2 Pay – with their customers. Added to this you will learn how the Clickatell and Cybersource partnership is leading the way in the convergence of Chat Commerce and consumer convenience

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