Looking to the Future with Chat Commerce: Q2 Wrapped Up

The lowdown on Q2 at Clickatell

How can it be that half of 2021 is already behind us? Although we have to say that it's certainly reflected in all the hard work and the progress we've made so far, and what is life without progress? At Clickatell, we certainly don't believe in remaining stagnant. We strive to evolve while improving and enhancing our products along the way, to better serve you and your customers. Our end goal is to always deliver the best chat experiences out there.

Part of evolving is about looking back on how far we've come, so we've rounded up some of the exciting projects and initiatives we've been working hard on this year. But it's not about us - everything we do is to help shape the world of Chat Commerce to empower you to communicate and engage with your customers in fresh, innovative ways!


Chat Flow

Even if our products work like a charm, we like to tweak and surprise you with fresh new updates to give you a better user experience.

That’s why we recently redesigned the UI of our powerful workflow builder, Chat Flow. The result? A cleaner, fresher, more user-friendly experience.

Chat Flow is Clickatell’s intuitive drag-and-drop workflow builder that helps you create complex automated customer conversations (unassisted chat experiences) in a flash and across multiple chat channels.

What’s it to you?

Well, it drastically reduces the amount of time your developers take to build rich chat journeys, and it provides your customers with new and engaging self-service experiences.

Enrich the user journey

Connect your customers to your services, delivering intuitive self-service journeys across the chat commerce lifecycle.

Accelerate digital transformation

Create meaningful, engaging user journeys, bridging the gap between customer expectations and your service quality.

Streamline business operations

Turn conversations into revenue. Enjoy impressive returns, making processes more efficient and profitable.

To find out more about this exciting product and how unassisted, automated chat can help your business succeed, see the link HERE.


Chat Desk

Customers want to contact you directly through WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. It’s not a nice-to-have anymore – it’s a must! Chat Desk helps you do just this – and do it well.

How? By deflecting phone calls from your overburdened contact centre to chat channels. Instead of keeping your customers waiting, you can now improve their customer experience, as well as inject powerful new customer support and service workflows into your business.

Our latest version of Chat Desk comes with a new ‘Pending Chats’ feature. This makes it possible for agents to mark live chats as pending while waiting for the customer to reply, which effectively means that they’re putting that chat ‘on hold’.

Therefore, it helps declutter their chat queue, as agents may be dealing with multiple chats at the same time. Instead, they can now focus on live chats that need immediate attention.


What’s it to you?

Real-time engagement

Turn those frowns upside down by delving deeper into your conversations with customers, increasing customer retention and brand loyalty.

Personalized user experiences

Improve the customer experience with live chat, enabling personalized customer engagements in a flash.

Make yourself more available to your customers

Engage your customers through the magic of chat messaging and connect them quickly and deeply to your business.

To find out more about this exciting product and how assisted, live-agent chat can help your business succeed, please see the link HERE.


WhatsApp Business API

The most popular messaging channel recently announced the expansion of its notification types, now allowing non-transactional messaging in many new regions!

These new notifications help build stronger relationships with customers and provide consistent, relevant, and engaging customer experiences.  From account updates letting customers know of any changes to their accounts to appointment reminders, you can keep customers in the loop every step of the way – and on their favorite messaging app.


What’s it to you?

Make more sales

Give relevant product offers curated for customers

Get the thumbs up

Make customers happy with informational alerts that make their lives easier

Make customers feel special

Deliver personalized customer experiences such as product recommendations or send reminders of an upcoming appointment.

As a Clickatell customer, you will not need any additional integration work on your API. You can simply create your template as you would before. To find out more, check out our blog.




The A2P messaging landscape in the U.S is rapidly changing, and we’re here to help you navigate this new regulatory environment.

Carriers want end-users to have a better customer experience and receive relevant text messages. The more regulated ecosystem to send SMS traffic over a U.S long numbers will prevent misuse and have added benefits for your company and customers.


What’s it to you?


Part of a compliant and regulated text messaging environment


More affordable text messaging


Increased delivery rates with accuracy


Higher volumes and throughput


What’s it to your customers?

Zero spam

Spam-free text messaging


Relevant text messaging that helps your customers


Enhanced trust with your brands

We actively engage with all our U.S customers using long numbers and share new updates as they emerge. Check out our article to learn more about 10DLC.




Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a popular digital engagement channel used by millions of people in Africa every day.

We offer a new and improved cost-effective yet scalable USSD enterprise solution to engage and transact with your mobile-always customers. The solution consists of three primary components to help you grow revenue, cut costs with intuitive self-service options, and provide a better digital engagement experience on USSD.


What’s it to you?

Solution designed to engage with customers on USSD effectively:

USSD channel access

To connect with your customers on USSD

Chat Flow

We build intuitive customer self-service menus to offer digital experiences on USSD

Transact APIs

We combine our USSD channel, intuitive self-service menus with APIs that let you offer the most relevant digital goods and services for your customers.

Get started with USSD today.


To Infinity and Beyond

Clickatell is building a robust set of products and solutions for forward-thinking brands and enterprises to offer superior customer experiences through the magic of chat.

Chat to us today to learn more about how our extensive experience can let you get even closer to your customers than ever before to connect, interact, and transact in this new Chat Commerce and mobile-first world.

Step into the future of business messaging.

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