Customer Experience

Delivering better data to best serve your customers

We’re excited to announce that we have recently expanded and improved our analytics and reporting capabilities available in the Clickatell customer portal. Whether you’re monitoring your support team's performance in Chat Desk or the effectiveness of your automated workflows in Chat Flow, these improved capabilities will help you gain a holistic view of your chat-based user journeys, and provide valuable insight into designing better customer experiences.

 Make Better Decisions

 Make better informed decisions about your businesses’ performance and areas of improvement by utilizing the rich data from our analytics reports.

 Improve Productivity

Enhance productivity by monitoring your agents’ workload and performance, while identifying effective workflows, escalating issues, and strengthening overall processes.

 Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Compare your performance against SLAs and other key metrics, to help drive improvements in customer experience and satisfaction.

 Share the Information

Easily access reports from within the Clickatell customer portal, and download them in a PDF format to begin optimizing our data toward your business goals.

 Chat Flow

With our improved Chat Flow analytics and reporting, the following information can be viewed, for a selected timeframe and channel:

  • Total number of users per user type (new vs. returning)

  • Total number of interactions, as a trend over time

  • Total number of interactions by country

  • Top 5 workflows your customers made use of

  • Top 5 channels they interact on

  • Top 5 keywords used

Chat Desk

With our enhanced Chat Desk analytics and reporting, the following information can be viewed for a selected timeframe and channel:

  • Total number of completed chats

  • Number of chats per channel

  • Average customer waiting time in queue

  • Average number of available agents

  • Total chat duration

  • Types of Tickets:

o   Total number of tickets

o   Number of tickets assigned (via scheduler vs manually)

o   Number of unassigned tickets

o   Number of flagged chats

o   Average flagged chat duration

  • Number of agent-initiated chat notifications per channel

  • Number of agent-to-agent chat transfers

At Clickatell, we believe there is always a better way.  We constantly strive to improve our products with thoughtful innovation. We are confident that providing you with better access to data and information will set your company up for success, allowing you to drive impactful initiatives, and ultimately better serve your customers.

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