Deliver Next-Generation Customer Service and Support Experience with the Magic of Chat

Today’s customers are more demanding than ever. Technology has given them more power and control than ever before, resulting in elevated expectations of service delivery. The vast majority (83%) of your customers expect to engage immediately with your business when they contact you. Your call centers simply cannot keep up with that kind of pressure, meaning that your customers are left waiting on-hold, or are forced to interact with IVR (interactive voice response) systems, which has a negative impact on the customer experience. Let’s face it, being put on hold when you want your problem solved, or using an IVR, with the endless series of prompts is a huge frustration. And the frustration doesn’t end there: three quarters of customers report feeling frustrated after talking with a customer service representative, even if their problem was solved! 

It’s the customer experience that makes the difference 

These days, 80% of customers feel the experience your business or brand offers is as important as your products and services, while almost half of consumers globally have quit doing business with a company as a result of a bad customer service or support experience. The stakes are most definitely high, so when it comes to support, your company needs to get the basics right. You can’t put your customers on hold for extended periods of time, and you can’t take hours or days to get back to them. What you need is a solution that delivers an intuitive, effective means of engaging and supporting your customers, that doesn’t break the bank to implement. 

There is a better way to provide customer support and service 

Enter chat messaging. People the world over have adopted chat messaging as a preferred channel of personal communication, and chat is reshaping communication between consumers and businesses too. Your customers already use messaging apps to connect with their friends and family and expect to be able to use chat to connect with your business as well. That’s where Chat Desk comes in. 

Chat Desk from Clickatell, is a digital contact center solution that helps your business resolve customer queries and obtain customer insights in real-time, using chat channels for live agent support. The solution addresses the growing consumer demand for quick, easy, and personal customer service experiences by shifting from the traditional phone-based call center, to chat messaging. Since chat is an asynchronous channel of communication, consumers can reach out from anywhere, anytime, get your response and then chat back at their convenience. No more unanswered calls, no more holding forever, no more repeating everything when transferred. Just fast, meaningful interactions with your business that delight, rather than frustrate your customers. 

The benefits to your business 

It’s not only your customers who stand to benefit. By integrating chat channels such as WhatsApp  to Chat Desk your business can lower the demand on more costly voice channels, while enabling your agents to resolve multiple chat requests simultaneously, lowering the cost per resolution and increasing customer satisfaction. Chat Desk empowers your supervisors to effectively manage their agents by monitoring their activities, performance, productivity, and workload in real-time. Chat Desk is cloud-based for fast deployments and instant updates, significantly lowering the risk for organizations. 

Another benefit of using Chat Desk is the real-time reporting and analytics that provide agents with the ability to view customer sentiment and insights, and access customers’ outstanding and historical tickets. With these features, agents efficiently manage customer escalations by easily transferring inquiries to the correct department or to specialized agents, without frustrating the customer expecting them to repeat information when they are transferred, as the full chat history and customer profile is available to the new agent. 

 The future is Chat Commerce 

The popularity of chat messaging is becoming increasingly apparent - your customers are looking for new ways to connect with your business. Accenture has found that two-thirds of all of consumers have increased their usage of messaging in the past two years, while 70% of them prefer messaging over voice when contacting customer care. 

With hundreds of billions of messages sent every day, it's time to realize the value that chat messaging brings, as a means of effectively delivering superior customer service and support at a lower cost than traditional channels of communication. Go beyond phone calls, email and SMS and leverage the magic of chat to transform customer experiences. Better for your customers, better for your business. 



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