Chat Creates a Seamless Customer Experience for Your Business

“By 2022, over 85% of companies will offer some form of live chat on their website or on mobile devices to interact with their customers. We believe this comes as no surprise to organizations with first-mover advantage who are reaping the benefits and ROI of live chat today.” - Gartner

What is chat for business?

Live chat is a wonderful communication tool that you can add to your company website as a way for customers to engage with you. One of the most prominent formats is WhatsApp, which lets your customers ask questions, navigate your site, and effectively find what it is that they’re looking for. Customers benefit from getting the information they want, when they want it – and you benefit from a better customer experience. Here’s a look at how chat creates a seamless customer experience.

How does it improve customer experience? 

“…65% of U.S. customers find a positive experience with a brand to be more influential than great advertising.” - PwC 

There’s a reason that companies are shifting from a product-centric to a customer-centric model – if the product doesn’t match the customers’ needs, they’re going to start looking elsewhere. The modern customer is not only interested in what you’re selling, but how you’re selling it. That’s why a PwC report indicates that 73% of customers view experience as one of the most important factors in their purchasing decisions. Chat is an innovative way to create a seamless customer experience while simultaneously benefitting your organization. Here are some of the ways this is achieved: 

1. It's user-friendly and intuitive

From Generation Z through to Baby Boomers, if you ask them about WhatsApp, they’re likely to be familiar with the technology. Not only does WhatsApp have some 2 billion monthly active users, those users are interacting with this messaging platform on a regular basis every day. That’s why this form of chat is so popular when introduced on a business site – users already know the communication channel well and are happy to engage with it. Beyond its usability, chat allows for the dissemination of a variety of multimedia content including maps, videos, and photos, so it’s a one-stop communication portal. 

2. Chat saves customers’ time 

“Two-thirds of consumers report that the most frustrating aspect of getting customer service is waiting on hold or having to explain the same information to multiple representatives…Almost two-thirds of buyers expect a response within 10 minutes to any marketing, sales, or customer service inquiry.” - HubSpot 

The modern, fast-paced lifestyle means that if you aren’t providing customers with an immediate response, they’re moving on to the next company that will. And there’s nothing more frustrating for a customer than being put on hold or turfed from one agent to the next when they’ve got better things to do with their time. Chat creates a much more seamless customer experience by providing real-time responses to urgent queries. You can even direct them to helpful FAQs which will answer most questions without taking up your employees’ time. Whether powered by chatbots or humans, chat is providing the assistance customers need now. 

3. Chat provides a customized experience

Through Natural Language Processing for chatbots, or the live chat experience, customers are still benefitting from a more personalized experience. The software has a friendly, conversational nature that allows for easy communication. But beyond this, chat has the ability to gather useful customer data over time which can be used for proactive engagement, offering customers personalized services and products they’re likely to enjoy.

4. Chat integrates with CRM software

Another way that chat delivers a more seamless and personalized customer experience is through the retention of customer history by integrating with CRM (customer relationship management) software. This means that when a customer contacts your company, the system can recall previous interactions, so the customer doesn’t have to run through their past engagements with you. The system can also access the customer’s details such as names, order history, and previous correspondence. This links into the previous point of providing a more customized experience.

5. Chat is a mobile experience

We’re finally on-the-go again after years of working from home and isolation. This means that customers want to connect with you from wherever they are. Chat allows you to meet this need in that it’s a mobile communication solution. In fact, Forrester’s found that 44% of online consumers believe that having their questions answered by a live person while they’re purchasing a product is the most important website feature.  

6. Improve employee performance

Chat is also a great way to measure your employee performance and analyze areas that need improvement. This is because it provides valuable insights into every customer engagement. The chat software indicates the amount of time spent on each customer, whether the engagement was successful, the team members who are bringing in more leads, and general performance overall. 

What are tips for creating a seamless customer experience through chat? 

“Netflix, Spotify, Uber: None of these companies rose to the top by inventing a new product or service. They offered you the exact same thing their competitors did -- just in a simpler way.” - HubSpot 

There’s no doubt that companies leveraging technology are at the forefront of their relevant industries today, and when it comes to meeting customer expectations, chat is the solution. But it’s important that you do it right to reap the benefits. When it comes to implementing chat, remember that you must:

  • Optimize the chat experience for mobile customers.

  • Engage with customers using a welcoming and conversational tone.

  • Keep the customer informed of any delays.

  • Provide comprehensive answers to questions – don’t leave them with even more questions.

  • Ensure it’s a positive experience.

  • Work with a quality service provider that offers you comprehensive support.

To create a seamless customer experience, get in touch with industry leader, Clickatell, today. We’ll ensure you’re offering an advanced and personalized customer experience that delivers higher customer satisfaction and retention, increased sales, improved business efficiencies, and reduced operating costs through our chat platform.

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