By Clickatell in Products & Services | 29 September 2016

Data breaches and hacks are becoming increasingly common. Recently, Chinese hackers stole millions of dollars from a Wall Street technology company and search engine Yahoo! was the victim of a massive data breach affecting hundreds of millions of users. These types of cybersecurity breaches can be reduced by offering extra protection to users by implementing technology like two-factor authentication (2FA). Read more

By Clickatell in Industry Insights | 29 September 2016

Today, everyone operates in a world that previously only existed in the imagination of science-fiction writers. Phones can summon cars directly to homes and software allows us communicate, in real-time, with people all over the planet. If the boldest technological advances over the last decades have shown anything, it’s that you can’t predict the possibilities. Business owners, more than most, must be prepared for as many areas as possible. And one area we need to consider is artificial intelligence (or AI). Read more

By Clickatell in Industry Insights | 26 September 2016

We live in a world dominated by rapidly advancing technology. Not surprisingly, the widespread adoption and integration of the Internet is seen as the biggest game changer on the technological landscape and being connected has become essential to progress. Read more

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