Customer service anywhere, at any time, with text messaging

Connect, interact and transact with your customers, delivering services and payments in text and chat channels they love and use every day.

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Platform Capabilities

The Chat Commerce Platform powers customer engagement through business text messaging, delivered globally, reliably, and at scale.


Reach and scale

Connect with large groups with mass text messaging delivered reliably, across the globe. Deliver alerts, notifications, one-time passwords and promotions, with the ability to switch to sophisticated engaging Chat Commerce experiences launched from a simple text message.


Self-service and automation

Build powerful, unassisted text messaging experiences with our sophisticated low-code messaging workflow builder. Connect these workflows to your business backend and help your customers to help themselves while driving your digital transformation efforts.


The human touch

Provide customer service with a real person, in real-time through 1:1 text messaging with our contact center web app. Deflect traffic from your call center and your bots, with a cost effective way to resolve queries.


Send a link, get paid!

Secure ways for the customer to pay, delivered in the channel with the highest open and engagement rate: text messaging. Send payment requests with our text-to-pay solution by bot, in a live agent session, from Salesforce OMS, or programmatically from your software, by API.

Why switch to business text messaging with Clickatell?

Improve customer engagement and communications with the Chat Commerce Platform. Here are some of the benefits:

Authentic engagement and connection

Authentic engagement and connection

Delight the customer with quick, helpful, actionable messaging moments delivered at multiple touch points along the consumer lifecycle, improving the customer experience one text at a time.

Lower costs, more efficient, higher ROI

Lower costs, more efficient, higher ROI

Handle higher volumes of customer engagements with messaging, saving time, without making the customer hold on the phone. Reduce the cost-to-serve, while automating user journeys.

Reliable, scalable, secure, compliant

Reliable, scalable, secure, compliant

Send any volume of messages, to the whole globe! Robust customer solutions delivered end-to-end encryption of message content, ensuring your conversations remain private.

Rich customer engagement experiences, via text messaging with no hidden carrier fees

Number of Messages Per Outbound SMS
1 - 999 999 $0.008
1 Million + Please contact sales 

10DLC Subs Workflow Builder Live Agents
$11/no./mo. $49/license/mo. $30/seat/mo.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a 1) one-time Brand Registration fee of $5, and a 2) one-time Campaign Activation fee of $50. There is also a 3) 10DLC License Fee of $33, recurring quarterly for each number registered. This fee includes number rental and campaign subscription.

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Connect, interact and transact with customers through rich business text messaging.

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