How to boost customer engagement with an SMS campaign


Who doesn’t love instant gratification? You buy one, you get one free. Have a question? Ask the live chat and get an immediate answer. Consumers love an instant reward and once instant gratification is tasted, it’s expected every time. Social media, online coupons and bulk SMS are just a few ways in which you can […]

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Debunking 5 myths of two factor authentication

Travel and Hospitality

We live in a world where security is sadly never iron clad. Cyber crime is on the rise and no company is exempt from a possible security breach. With regular occurrences of passwords being hacked, the responsibility lies with both businesses and their users to ensure that their details are safe. Two-factor authentication, or 2FA […]

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The social media trends every business should know right now


Wherever social media fits into your marketing campaign, it can be difficult to know where to place your focus and spend your precious budgets. Every year, the net is flooded with crystal ball trend predictions and eye-opening stats. We’ve scoured the reports and brought you the top social media trends to know right now: Social […]

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5 Reasons why bulk SMS will deepen your customer relationships


In an ideal world, you’ll have regular face-to-face contact with your customers. When you have thousands to talk to, it’s a challenge to keep the personal touch. So if you can’t have quality, at least you can have quantity, right? Which is why many customer success managers turn to sending messages in bulk. If you […]

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3 top internet security risks businesses face today – and what you can do


If your company hasn’t fallen victim to cybercrime yet, count yourself lucky. The statistics are so alarming, it’s no wonder that president Obama has identified cybersecurity as one of the most serious economic and national security challenges the US has ever faced. Every year, hacking is costing the American economy $100bn and the global economy […]

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What your next marketing campaign can learn from Mad Men


As the final half-season of Mad Men started airing last month, die-hard fans have to face the end of an era: of Don Draper’s acidic wit, interoffice dalliances, showstopper sets and killer retro fashion. However for those working in marketing, Mad Men will forever be a colorful guideline of how to cleverly run your marketing […]

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How SMS notifications contributes to a pleasant traveling experience


Take a moment to imagine a regular traveler’s experience a decade or two ago. With no smartphone or the Internet at hand, it was certainly a much more inconvenient world. Information and services had to come from travel agents or guides, and arrangements often had to be made in person or over the phone. Flight […]

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How top logistic companies never lose sight of their precious cargo


The very definition of a logistics company is to guarantee the seamless flow of goods from source to customer. These goods – from a special gift ordered just in time for a loved one’s birthday to a large shipment of shoes for a clothing retailer – are highly desirable and highly vulnerable to various risks, […]

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Improve Your Site’s Security with SMS


  Many IT managers must suffer from sleepless nights these days. Hacking, phishing and malware are rife, with new security threats appearing all the time. In fact, hacking company websites is the new form of bank robbery, with audacious break-ins regularly hitting the headlines: Russian hackers recently stole $1billion from banks across the world, in […]

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4 Ways to Improve Email Open Rates (and When to Use SMS Instead)


  The money is in the list. You may have heard this saying about email’s lead generation power. The Direct Marketing Association would tend to agree, estimating that email’s ROI can be as high as 4,300%, making social media look rather sheepish. So no matter what trendy new Facebook and Twitter tactics are doing the […]

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