Home automation: is there still a case for SMS with the Internet of Things?


The world of home automation is getting a tech upgrade with the Internet of Things. If you are a developer in the space, you need to decide whether to include SMS in your solution. A major advantage of SMS is that it will find you anywhere in the world – even with your mobile data switched off. […]

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Mobile app security: 3 reasons for authenticating your users via SMS


Another day, another account hacked. As a mobile app developer it might give you pause to think: how is my security looking? Here are three reasons why implementing SMS user authentication would benefit you and your users. Passwords are not enough. Online credentials are becoming more valuable by the day. The RAND report found that […]

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Why silence is not golden when it comes to excellent customer service

Modern lifestyles

In today’s switched-on world, it can be both harder and easier than ever to provide excellent customer service. Harder because customers have become more demanding and more vocal with their views. Put one foot wrong and they take to social media to complain, telling thousands of your misstep. But it can also be easier to […]

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5 Ways to Deliver Amazon Class Customer Experience


If you want to deliver exceptional customer experiences, Amazon sets the bar. Last year it topped a poll of 181 brands for customer satisfaction in the UK. While in 2012 it stunned the US retail world when it claimed top spot for customer service. Amazon is indeed a class act to follow. And with customer […]

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Why Customer Experience Will Be the Key Differentiator in 2015


The world of e-commerce is evolving fast. No longer are price and product enough to protect your market share. Today’s buyers are used to getting what they want at the right price. So you have to find new ways to differentiate yourself in a market of near endless choice. The iPhone is the classic example […]

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How SMS authentication makes for a safer online banking experience


Consumers are becoming increasingly savvy and demanding about online security – for everything from their cloud storage and mail accounts to shopping transactions and banking. Where they should be particularly concerned is with banking security. Bank scams are on the rise, with as many as 56 serious vulnerabilities introduced to websites every year (according to […]

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Getting creative with bulk SMS in your industry

Getting Creative with Bulk SMS in your industry

In a fast paced society, the need for a simple yet effective communication tool is vital to the growth and sustainability of any business. So whether you’re an operations manager for a national insurance agency or a guest relations officer for an esteemed city hotel, having a portal through which you can communicate and market […]

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Txt4Adherence: Staying healthy with SMS reminders


The Baylor International Paediatric AIDS Initiative (BIPAI) provides comprehensive care to HIV-infected infants and children. Its Txt4Adherence program in Botswana sends weekly SMS reminders to HIV-positive teens, motivating them to take their antiretroviral (ARV) medication on time. As of 2012, almost 25% of the Botswana population has been infected with HIV/AIDS. Thanks to massive public […]

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Taxi Please: Secure bookings with two-factor authentication

imagine room

The language barrier often makes it difficult for taxi drivers in Asia to communicate with their passengers. Professional application developers Imagine Room created Taxi Please to seamlessly connect passengers to taxi drivers at the click of a button. A passenger in a foreign country can feel safe using the taxi booking app, thanks to the […]

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SendaScript: Skipping the queues with SMS notifications


Getting a subscription filled for medication can be an arduous task for customers, who need to search for an open pharmacy and wait in long queues at the dispensary. Scentia developed SendaScript, a mobile ordering and retailing app that solves this problem by connecting customers to open pharmacies anywhere, anytime through SMS notifications. Customers can […]

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