Enhance customer experience with Clickatell’s WhatsApp Business API

Enable your customers to securely transact, receive 24/7 support and time-critical notifications via the world’s most popular chat channel

Meaningful relationships begin with real-time communication

Unleash the power of WhatsApp and connect with your customers like never before! As an authorized WhatsApp Business Solutions Provider, Clickatell enables you to quickly and easily engage in rich conversations with your customers.



Ensure that conversations between your business and customers remain private with end-to-end encryption and multi-factor authentication.



Reach more than 2 billion active WhatsApp users in 180 countries with reliable and instant communication.



Realize higher delivery, open and conversion rates with interactive messages, images, videos, and popular document formats.

Intuitive, user-friendly customer service

Transform your customer experience. Send and receive rich text messages, images, video, and popular document formats.

Businesses can use the WhatsApp Business Solution in two ways:


Customer Care

Consumer-initiated conversations enables businesses to provide support via Business WhatsApp. When your customer initiates contact, you have 24-hours to respond. Reply with either a customized message or with a message template – free of charge. Automate frequently asked questions and enable self-service.



Initiate conversations with your customers with template messages to be sent anytime. Templates can be designed to communicate everyday customer service communications like ticket updates, alerts, delivery statuses, two-factor authentication codes, payment updates and more.

Getting started with the WhatsApp API to send messages is easy. We will guide you through every step in the way:

  • 1

    Create a free Clickatell account & log into the portal

  • 2

    Apply for a WhatsApp Business account*

  • 3

    On approval, set up a business profile & purchase a subscription

  • 4

    Verify your business phone number

  • 5

    Connect the API to your business profile and go-live

*Test API, profile, and number are immediately available for testing purposes

Choose Clickatell as your authorized WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

Clickatell’s RESTful-based One API allows you to communicate with your customers through multiple communication channels with just one API integration. Using the One API, you will be able to send and receive messages on both WhatsApp and SMS without the overhead costs of programming individual channels.

  • Enable multiple messaging channels
  • Reduce the cost of development
  • Easily switch channels based on API configuration
  • Ensure message delivery using channel failover rules
  • Encrypt messaging content

One API makes your implementation future-proof as we continue to add additional channels to the Clickatell platform.

WhatsApp API allows for better customer engagement.

Harness the power of automation

Our cloud-hosted, Interact  platform, enables workflow automation, allowing you to engage and converse with customers within their preferred chat app. AI chatbots, automation, and human-in-the-loop technologies create a one-of-a-kind, customer experience solution.

Interact is pre-integrated with WhatsApp, so you don’t have to worry about additional development.

  • Use a simple drag-and-drop interface to build self-service workflows to power a chatbot.

  • Automate a wide range of business responses to FAQs supporting customer service, engagement, and transactional use cases.

  • Powerful tools such as our keywords manager will make dialogues as human as possible.

  • Seamlessly transfer conversations from the bot to a human agent when needed.

  • Roll your workflows out to other popular mobile channels, such as SMS.


WhatsApp Business Pricing

Get the WhatsApp plan that’s right for your business. Upgrade as you scale.

Clickatell Price 1

WhatsApp Price 2

What's included?

Monthly Business Message Bundle

Online Reporting




per month

*Special promotion for a limited time only

Conversation-Based Pricing

Start Now
  • up to 10K
  • Check Mark Icon
  • Email



per month

Conversation-Based Pricing

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  • up to 50K
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per month

Conversation-Based Pricing

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  • up to 125K
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On Request

Conversation-Based Pricing

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  • Purpose-built for your
  • business
  • goals

* After 3 months, you'll be billed at the normal monthly rate of $50 per month.

  1. Clickatell Price
    Monthly Business Messages Bundle consist of three components:
    • Fixed monthly fee
    • Volume Limit. A Business Message Bundle includes a fixed number of outbound messages. If you stay within the volume limit, you will only be charged the fixed monthly fee and there won't be any out-of-bundle fees. Inbound messages received from end-users are free and don't consume your Business Message Bundle.
    • Out-of-bundle-rate. When the volume limit has been reached, each additional outbound message will be rated at the out-of-bundle rate of $0.0065 per message.
  2. WhatsApp Conversation Based Pricing

    As of Feb 1, 2022, WhatsApp charges a fee per conversation instead of per template message sent. All conversations are measured in fixed 24-hour sessions and charges differ for business-initiated vs customer-initiated conversations and per region. These fees are in addition to the Clickatell fees. The first 1,000 conversations each month are free.

    Conversation-based fees are deducted from your account balance at the start of every conversation. Please ensure that your prepaid account balance is sufficient to cover these fees.

    For more pricing information, please refer to our blog or to Facebook's Conversation-based Pricing page.

Transforming customer experience for forward-thinking global brands

“The Clickatell offering provides an easy, secure, and convenient way of giving users control over their accounts through WhatsApp, a platform they already have an affinity for.”

Jacqui O’Sullivan - Executive for Corporate Affairs at MTN SA

“We are constantly seeking new ways and opportunities to meet customers at their preferred touch points and we understand our customers are actively engaged on WhatsApp.”

Chuma Ezirim - Group Head, E-Business at First Bank of Nigeria Limited

“Delivering banking on WhatsApp for instant messaging is desirous by our customers who want a reliable, convenient, and safe medium to perform basic banking transactions on their mobile devices.”

Oladipo Alabede - Group Head of Digital Banking at Sterling Bank

“By providing Clickatell’s dedicated Chat Desk, we can deliver a service that is more personalized than ever before – right where our clients are already communicating. A service that is not only simple, but also secure.”

Shaun Kotwal - Head of Standard Bank Wealth and Investment, South Africa

“Customers will now access the information they want, when they want it, without having to endure a lengthy phone call or escalate potential queries.”

Kerry Ho - Head of Digital Marketing at Makro

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First in WhatsApp in Enterprise

Clickatell is the early leader in the emerging Chat Banking and Chat Commerce technology spaces, successfully delivering chat self-serve and payment use cases for several high-value, local and international banks.

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2018 — First ever Chat Banking deployment

ABSA is a multinational, diversified financial services group.
ABSA uses chat for banking facilities, customer support and transactions.

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2019 — First ever telco Chat Commerce deployment

MTN is the most successful telecom​ in Africa.
Customers can view balances, and purchase data and airtime directly via chat.

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