Build meaningful conversations with your customers using Chat Flow

Visually create engaging chat experiences and deploy them across multiple channels. Rapidly prototype and launch exciting new products and services to impress your customers

Clickatell - Chat 2 Pay

App-like experiences, without the need to download an app

Deliver powerful functionality from right within your customers’ trusted chat app. Provide in-depth product information, issue resolution, and the ability to make purchases from directly within the chat conversation. Conversation drives conversion – build deeper relationships with your customers by creating user journeys that will put them in touch with their digital lives, and your services.

Self-service account management

  • Account application and activation.
  • Customer onboarding.
  • Update personal details and security setting.
  • Customer authentication.
  • View, manage, and update account activities, services, and payments.
  • Credit/debit card services.

Increase the withdrawal limit on my card.

In-chat payments and transactions

  • Allow customers to purchase goods and services and facilitate payment in-chat.
  • Goods and services include mobile data and airtime, digital media subscriptions, gift cards etc.
  • Credit/debit card services.

I’d like to purchase a $50 gift voucher for a friend.

Information sharing, promotions and loyalty

  • Chat-based FAQ menus providing information about products and services.
  • Engage users when they respond to promotional campaigns.
  • Create referral programs and manage referral redemptions.
  • Facilitate loyalty programs.

It’s our first birthday! We’re offering 25% off!

Customer service and support

  • Rich self-service experiences delivered via mobile chat platforms.
  • Integration with existing CRM systems to extract or post information captured along a user’s journey.
  • Switch from self-service (unassisted) chat to live agent (assisted) chat using Chat Desk.

I'd like to find out about returning a product.

Contact Sales, arrange a demo.

Make every conversation count

Your customers want to feel empowered, and they want instant gratification. They want to interact with your brand as simply, quickly and as conveniently as possible. What better way to engage them in their favorite chat messaging app? Deliver innovative self-service engagements, making your business available wherever, whenever, through the convenience of chat.



Improve the user experience by connecting your customers to your services, delivering intuitive self-service journeys across the commerce lifecycle.



Drive digital transformation, creating user journeys that bridge the gap between customer expectation and delivery of services.



Improve business operations, turning conversations into revenue. Enjoying impressive returns, making processes more efficient and profitable.

Chat flow for increased customer engagement.

From idea to engagement in minutes

Drag-and-drop functionality means that you can visually design, build and test conversational experiences rapidly that can be deployed across multiple channels with ease, reducing the time taken to get your ideas to market. Offer your customers rich self-service engagements and transactional activities with your brand, harnessing the potential of Chat Commerce.

  • Engage your customers with rich, menu- driven conversational experiences, with low to no code required.

  • Automate and orchestrate complex self-service interactions in the chat channel they know and trust.

  • Transfer seamlessly to a live agent when the customer can no longer help themselves and needs human support.

  • Be more agile, getting to market faster by building, testing and deploying multiple innovative user experiences, rapidly.

Digital connection. Digital transformation.

Drag-and-drop functionality means that you can visually design, build and test conversational experiences that are as simple or as complex as you require. Build conversations, not bots.

Easily deploy your innovative workflows across multiple channels with a single click.

Core features of Chat Flow

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Workflow automation

Quickly and easily develop new conversational experiences to deliver services intuitively to your customers in their favorite messaging app. Reuse workflows across multiple mobile channels.

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Drag and drop capability

Visually create, edit, and manage complex conversational workflows with no or low code and a simplified user experience.

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Rapid deployment

Save time and money, by designing, testing and deploying workflows easily, without months of development time or cost. Develop multiple experiences at the same time, instead of having to focus on just one, and move between different workflows as and when you need.

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Multi-channel capability

Provide your customers with innovative Chat Commerce experiences via SMS, WhatsApp and USSD. Enable rich self-service interactions with your business on these popular chat channels, with more channels planned on the roadmap.

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Seamless integration

Enrich the chat experience by connecting customers to your own business services via API integration, without compromising security or compliance requirements. Connect to your CRM, for example, to deliver actionable insights into the customer, and to enrich their Chat Commerce experience.

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Seamlessly switch to a live agent

Unassisted, menu-driven chat solutions are an excellent way of providing self-service customer support, but they won’t resolve every query. When your customers get stuck, simply transfer them to a human customer service agent, providing an assisted chat experience.

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Call deflection

Reduce the frustration that comes with waiting in a queue to be served or being placed on hold. Reroute from a traditional phone call, to a chat channel, where your customer can engage with your business in their preferred chat app.

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Secure payments

Enable your customers to pay for products and services while they are chatting to you. Clickatell helps you to offer your customers a safe, quick, and easy way to make purchases, by facilitating the payment process through your chosen payment gateway.

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Customer authentication

Reduce fraud by adding security to your customer engagements in the form of a second factor of authentication. Chat Flow enables out-of-band SMS OTP, or password requests via a webpage.

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Keyword recognition

Take a conversational approach, helping the user to navigate intuitively with common keywords and phrases, leading them to the correct flow, or to specific steps within a flow, based on their input.

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