Deliver better customer service experiences with Chat Desk.

Offer meaningful service and support via chat, helping your customers to resolve their issues quickly and conveniently, while improving operational efficiencies

Deliver better customer engagements, faster

Your contact center is under pressure - high call volumes mean that your customers are being made to wait on hold, and your agents are overstretched, having a negative effect on the customer experience. Provide meaningful service and support via chat, enabling quicker customer responses, while reducing strain on your contact center.



Resolve customer inquiries faster with live agent chat support, reducing frustration by eliminating customer wait time on the phone.



Deliver superior customer experiences through personalized chat, improving customer satisfaction and increasing customer loyalty.



Enable agents to have conversations with multiple customers at once, with the ability to monitor agent productivity and performance.

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Improve the customer experience with Chat Desk

A complete end-to-end chat solution, Clickatell’s Chat Desk enables live agents to communicate with customers via chat, helping them to manage conversations, track tickets and save chat histories. Chat Desk makes it possible to:

  • Communicate and engage with your customers in the way they prefer.

  • Conveniently and efficiently support customer inquiries faster via live agents.

  • Enable agents to have multiple conversations at once.

  • Monitor agents’ productivity and performance metrics.

  • Develop deeper customer insights by tracking chat volumes and call frequencies and identifying primary areas of customer assistance.

A win for your customers and for your business

Support your customers on their most loved platform – chat, while improving your operational efficiencies. Empower you agents and supervisors to do their job more effectively, while delivering better customer service experiences.

Increase customer engagement

Reach and support more customers, more effectively, in an interactive manner, on channels they prefer.

Improve customer experiences

Resolve customer inquiries faster by enabling customers to communicate with live agents over chat.

Reduce call center volumes

Decrease the number of incoming calls and email inquiries by supporting customers via chat channels.

Improve company profit through chat desk solutions.

Turn a cost center into a profit center

Reduce overheads, enable cross- and up-sell opportunities and drive digital transformation by adopting chat as part of your customer support and service solution – an opportunity to engage your customer in new and exciting ways. Some use cases include:

  • Customer service, helpdesk and support

  • Product discovery and information gathering

  • Remote onboarding and application

  • Customer guidance through the purchase journey

  • Schedule appointments and reservations

  • Call deflection from phone to chat messaging

  • Track and manage purchase delivery

  • Switch to automated, self-service experiences

Core features of Chat Desk

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Multi-channel capability

Enable rich interactions between your business and your customers via WhatsApp and SMS, delivering quick, relevant, helpful customer service and support journeys.

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Reporting Dashboards

View a visual representation of your contact center’s performance, tracking current activity, live and historic agent performance and customer satisfaction.

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Conversation management

Manage conversations with a built-in management tool that enables agents to handle 5 times the number of conversations as compared to legacy call centers.

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Sentiment analysis

Monitor brand, product and service sentiment in customer feedback, in order to fine-tune operations and better understand customer needs.

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Personalize the experience

Build a profile of the customer from within Chat Desk, delivering actionable, personalized insights into that customer, enriching their Chat Commerce experience.

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Tags, notes, flags and pending chats

Intelligent chat management. Gain insights on the most common queries. Create notes which only agents and supervisors can view. Flag chats to pin to the top of the queue. Mark live chats as pending when waiting for the customer to reply.

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Call deflection

Reduce the frustration that comes with waiting in a queue to be served or being placed on hold. Reroute from a traditional phone call, to a chat channel, where your customer can engage with your business in their preferred chat app.

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Agent assist and auto-responders

Save time and effort by suggesting ready-to-go responses to your agents, to send to customers. Ensure your business is available 24/7 - send automated chats when your agents are offline.

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Customer authentication

Reduce fraud by adding security to your customer engagements in the form of a second factor of authentication - Chat Desk enables the sending of out-of-band SMS OTPs to the user.

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Supervisor view

Monitor real-time agent activity and locate outstanding and historical customer tickets. Manage agent capacity, departmental groupings, and routing requirements.

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