Germans are turning to smartphones as their digital device of choice according to recent surveys. The country’s smartphone population will reach nearly 36 million by the close of the year. That’s an increase of 26% in just over 3 years in a rapidly growing mobile market. And with Clickatell’s latest release of local two-way long numbers in Germany, there’s a massive opportunity for businesses to engage with their customers on unprecedented levels.

Germans are tech savvy and ready to engage

The German market is quite tech-savvy with an enthusiasm towards the Internet of Things. Their smartphones are now the key device in this equation, the control center, if you will. A lot of people, for example, have connected their smartphones to their cars or sound systems. It goes without saying that their phones are therefore always close to them. This insight means that they’re easily accessible to marketers via two-way long numbers.

Imagine a German man in Hamburg adjusting the volume on his sound system from his phone. As he does so, he receives a personalised message from your business about your latest sale on a product that he’s interested in. The sale is occurring the next day and he is prompted to respond with an RSVP. With two-way capabilities, this German man is likely to confirm his presence at the sale and allow your business to adjust for numbers.

What’s so great about two-way long numbers?

The ping-pong method opens new communication channels and allows businesses to have a real-time dialogue with their customers. This conversation allows a business to be flexible and adapt to what its customers want. Perhaps the German man in our example couldn’t make the sale the following day. Perhaps many in the market sampled couldn’t. But the interest in the sale was there. The business in question could easily reschedule or repeat the sale for a greater impact thereby giving their customer a completely personalised sale leading to greater and returns on investment.

And, consider the cost effectiveness of such communication. The only real expense to your business when using two-way messaging is your long number subscription. Plus, there are plenty of other benefits too. SMS is download-free and doesn’t require any internet connection to implement. You’ll also find that your messages are being received and read quickly as open rates for SMS are extremely high at 98%. Think about how swiftly people respond to the notifications they receive when a text comes through. In this regard, two-way messaging is instant. It is also highly personalised and your audience will only be receiving content that they want to receive with the ability easily opt out of communication they’d prefer not to be bothered with.


If you’re interested in learning more about Clickatell’s two-way long numbers in Germany, check out our interactive pricing estimator tool which details pricing and areas of coverage, and will help you find a solution that suits your budget and business processes.

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