10 July 2009

SMS highlights from President Obama’s Ghana speech to be delivered live via Clickatell

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Taking advantage of the ubiquity of mobile phones and rapid delivery of SMS, the US Department of State is working with Clickatell, global mobile messaging provider, to reach citizens around the world during an important speech to be given by President Barack Obama tomorrow, July 11, 2009 from Accra, Ghana. The US Department of State is offering African and International/Non-US citizens around the world the ability to receive live speech highlights in English or French via SMS. In addition, enrolled participants can send their text message speech comments via their mobile phone back to the US Department of State, where selected responses will be posted online at http://www.america.gov/ghana_comments.html.

Enroll Now: Four easy steps to register online to receive President Obama's Ghana speech highlights via SMS on July 11:

  1. International/Non-US citizens can enroll today online at: http://www.america.gov/sms.html

  2. Complete online enrollment form to receive SMS speech highlights on mobile phone?

  3. Receive President Obama's Ghana speech highlights during July 11 event

  4. Comment during Obama's speech via standard 2-way SMS reply

In addition to online enrollment, African citizens interested in receiving President Obama's Ghana speech highlights via SMS can enroll directly through their mobile phone by entering a specified mobile service code number, depending on their African country of origin. Specific mobile codes for enrollment are available at: http://www.america.gov/world/africa.html

Using the mobile channel to remain transparent and accessible, the US Administration is facilitating two-way mobile communications to the African public as well as International/Non-US Citizens interested in President Obama's Ghana speech. Unlike existing "push" news mediums like TV and radio, SMS provides for two-way communications, giving the people of the world a voice during momentous events such as these. Clickatell is proud to be working with the US Department of State to increase communications directly throughout regions around the world.

"According to a recent study by Ernst and Young, Africa is the world's fastest growing mobile phone market, having expanded by ?49% since 2002. People throughout the region can participate in this momentous event and have a global voice using their cell phone on the spot," said Pieter de Villiers, Clickatell CEO. "Clickatell was the first to marry the Internet with global SMS delivery - making it now possible to rapidly deploy global mobile messaging services like the Obama speech via SMS."

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