20 May 2019

Clickatell’s One API – Powering Your Multi-Channel Strategy for Today, and the Future

Clickatell's multi-channel integration

Consumers are no longer shy about using their preferred channels of communication to engage with brands. They prefer to receive and send messages using a mix of channels which are most convenient for them. These include SMS and chat platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. As a brand, not communicating with your customers on their terms could hurt your business.

For a business, every new channel integration typically requires implementing a new API, testing and launching – all of which leads to additional development and cost. So how can you implement a multi-channel messaging strategy that gives you both flexibility and control over your customer messaging without repetitive effort? Clickatell solves that problem using the newly launched One API for our Connect platform.

“Clickatell understands that consumers may prefer to use different communication channels for different purposes. For example, consumers may want to get their transactional information via SMS or WhatsApp, while preferring to browse new product catalogs on Facebook Messenger. By giving your customer control over how they communicate with you, your company is solidifying brand loyalty and boosting the value of each individual customer,” explains Nirmal Nair, Clickatell CMO.

With this in mind, we have introduced One API for messaging. The API allows companies to integrate multiple channels into their business systems using a one-time integration. In this release, One API supports messaging on two of the most popular mobile channels – SMS and WhatsApp.

Rather than integrating a separate API for each channel, developers can now implement a single connection using the Connect One API and gain the ability to choose between the offered channels.

One API has several key advantages. Firstly, the API provides rules-based controls to implement channel failover policies should the primary channel become temporarily unavailable. Furthermore, One API supports encryption which you control to ensure that all your messages are safe and only accessible by the recipients. One API also future proofs your business as the API will be periodically extended to support other popular messaging channels. So, testing and enabling these channels will be low effort implementations.

In summary, One API allows you to message your customers through multiple channels, lower development and maintenance costs and importantly, scales with your organization’s needs.

Curious to learn more? Read more about our Connect One API here. Or, simply sign up for a free account to get started.

About Clickatell

Todays’ consumers spend more time on chat like text, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp than apps, and they expect a high degree of convenience in the way brands serve them. Clickatell makes it possible for brands and consumers to engage and transact via mobile chat and digital channels with industry-leading communications commerce platforms and solutions. With offices in San Francisco, Toronto, Cape Town, and Lagos, Clickatell serves more than 15,000 global brands, ranging from Fortune 500 organizations to well-known consumer brands and small businesses in over 220 countries worldwide.

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