27 March 2007

Multimedia first for Clickatell’s showcase

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Redwood Shores, CA -  BusineSMS recently launched the Altona application and it will be featured in Clickatell's third party application showcase in April 2007. Altona is a desktop-based multimedia composer that gives users the ability to quickly and easily send and share multimedia web content on a cellphone. Now that the application has been included on Clickatell's application showcase, users in various countries can send and share multimedia messages anywhere in the world with a simple drag and drop function.

Messages will be sent via Clickatell's global messaging gateways and network - delivering messages to handsets on over 600 networks in almost 200 countries. Using the Altona application, consumers everywhere can now send pictures, sound, video and text found on the web to any mobile phone, anywhere around the world. "This is a world first from a global reach perspective. It allows consumers and businesses to take advantage of the multimedia capabilities available today to send wallpaper, slideshows, ringtones, coupons, barcodes, podcasts, video trailers, and of course, text messages," says Jonathan Zufi, managing partner at busineSMS. "busineSMS's Altona is a great example of an application making mobile messaging and rich content sharing accessible and simple to use. Clickatell focuses on providing the world's broadest and most reliable messaging network and we are delighted that developers and innovators are using our global network to launch innovative services.

Altona is a great application and makes the sharing of content truly simple and seamless," said Clickatell CEO, Pieter de Villiers. The Clickatell showcase offers the mobile application developer community a high profile stage to promote their messaging applications. Stringent testing by Clickatell's engineers means only the best of breed applications appear on the showcase. All showcase software is fully integrated into Clickatell's powerful messaging gateway and will be promoted to Clickatell's more than 8,000 customers ranging form Fortune 500 companies to SMEs.

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