Innovative developers are continually finding exciting new ways to incorporate mobility into existing and new applications across a myriad of markets including social networking, banking, retail, healthcare, government, and more. Clickatell, leading mobile messaging provider, today proudly announces its victory in the mobility category by the 6+ million Code Project member developers.

The Code Project, one of the world's largest online developer communities, announced the winners of their First Annual Members Choice awards for best development products and tools.

Members were asked to rate their favorites on Code Project. The Code Project staff then compiled the highest rated listings, awarding the highest ranked in each product category. The results reflect actual perceptions of what developers value. Each member decides which companies or products deserve recognition, based on in-the-field experience. Clickatell was announced as the sole winner in the 'Mobility' Category in The Code Project 2009 Members Choice Awards.

"In partnership with Clickatell, Cover2Go created a brand new revenue model for insurance. By offering an innovative mobile insurance service where customers can purchase insurance via their mobile phone using only SMS, we are able to reach a market that traditionally could not access insurance products at all," said Raymond Africa, head Technology and Infrastructure at Metropolitan Cover2Go. "The short development cycles, reliability of the technology and quick deployment time were the reasons behind our partnering with Clickatell to pilot the service."

At pennies per message, implementing Clickatell SMS is the best way to get started immediately. Using -- the world's #1 mobile messaging self-service website -- all developers and marketers need to do is go online, test the network for delivery for free, create an account, try any one of a number of mature APIs and solutions, enter a credit card number to purchase message credits, and start sending messages to more than 775 mobile carriers around the world. No need for heavy software installation, long purchase processes or complex implementation, organizations of all sizes can rapidly deploy SMS-based mobile alerts, notifications and customer-touch strategies and campaigns in a matter of hours. Clickatell's easy-to-use mobile messaging solutions include the most mature and advanced API choices, developer tools, sample code as well as one central account to quickly integrate new SMS capabilities into existing or new offerings. And, behind the full Clickatell developer solution is an entire community of thousands of developers who have integrated and deployed Clickatell SMS since 2000 in 210+ countries.

"There are ?4 billion people that can receive an SMS around the world - more than all the credit/debit cards and PCs in the world combined. We have the amazing opportunity to work with thousands of developers as they extend new and existing software and web applications to the increasingly mobile world that continues to evolve and provide all kinds of exciting and unique value added services, far beyond ringtones and logos," said Pieter de Villiers, CEO of Clickatell. "SMS is the easiest and most ubiquitous way to provide mobile services - people of all ages in all corners of the world are familiar with SMS. The very nature of SMS is simple, fast and reliable and provides millions of companies with the ability to communicate and transact with customers, giving them valuable and desired information like alerts, notifications, text banking, mobile receipting, authorization, authentication, medical information, social network updates, retail coupons, and much more."

Upholding industry guidelines and best practices in multiple countries, Clickatell provides multiple levels of online support and information. Highly trained technical staff - efficiently addressing the specific needs of developers - is on-call for assistance 24x7x365 and Service Level Agreements confirm reliability, speed of service delivery and service uptime. This fully functional online support service is accessible anywhere in the world and an online community and Forum complete with blog posts provides Clickatell developers with a vibrant environment to discuss state-of-the-art features. Clickatell's Messaging Market allows developers to showcase Clickatell-powered applications on a third party developer's platform, which continues to expand. Clickatell's expansive web presence and mobile dominance since 2000 provides developers with valuable exposure for earning revenue from their applications.

Developers Hail Clickatell SMS-as-a-Service

"Able to be implemented in less than a day, Clickatell is the only mobile messaging provider who offers an easy to deploy and use Software-as-a-Service messaging service and they are truly global." Mikkel Svane, CEO, Zendesk

"Clickatell has proven to be the best choice for us in terms of global reach, performance and price point to deliver the millions of monthly SMS alerts around the world that are essential to the interactivity, relevance and fun of our service for members." Nikolai Riesenkampff, Co-CEO, Moneybookers

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Clickatell SMS Platform is a bulk SMS system that enables you to send messages securely, reliably and instantly, sparking a dynamic dialogue between business and customer.

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