Less than a decade after the first smartphone was released to the markets of the United Kingdom, smartphone penetration is reaching its peak. The UK will have 43.6 million smartphone users in 2017, proving that smartphones are now central to the lives of most UK residents. The market is the third largest in the world for smartphone penetration. And more and more consumers in the UK are buying via mobile, interacting with traditional advertising via their smartphones, and looking for advice on their handheld devices. This has massive potential for marketers and business owners and coincides with Clickatell’s latest offering of local two-way long numbers in the UK market.

So, what are some of the benefits of two-way messaging?

For starters, the most obvious benefit is the immediate ability to start meaningful two-way conversations with your customers by allowing them to reply directly to the messages you send them. Lead generation, gathering valuable customer feedback, and improved CRM are just a few more of the top benefits.

Two-way long numbers are also very cost effective. When customers respond to your communication they pay for their own text messages. This means that the only expense to your business is subscribing to the long number. Personalised, immediate communication to your British customers at a fraction of the cost of more traditional mediums.

And don’t forget that SMS marketing remains extremely effective – particularly in the UK where the average person sends 50 text messages a week resulting in over 150 billion text messages a year. And they’re doing it all the time, with even the most basic mobile handsets. It’s a part of people’s everyday interactions. Think of the way people text. Short, to the point and in times of need. A quick message to say that they’re running late, or the address of a meeting place or just a little note to say hello.

Imagine the power of a personalized message to each member of your target audience about an upcoming promotion? With people opening text messages an average of three seconds after receiving them, you can rest assured that your message is being received loud and clear. And now, they can message you back confirming their attendance, requesting more info, or even to make immediate purchases.

Mobile shopping is on the rise in the UK - are you ready?

Shopping with mobile devices is already a popular pastime in the UK. 2017 will see the number of mobile shoppers rise to nearly 89% of the country’s digital shoppers. And most of them will be clicking to purchase on their mobile phones. Mobile phones will account for 7.6% of the UK’s total retail sales. It’s a marketing pie that’s going to be worth some £26 billion (roughly $40 billion) – can your business really afford to not be part of that?

If you’re interested in learning more about just how affordable two-way long number rental in the UK is, have a look at our interactive pricing estimator where you’ll find all the details you need on pricing and coverage.

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