Redwood Shores, CA - Clickatell, Inc. the premier global mobile messaging operator, today announced that its enterprise-grade Multimode Messaging Manager is providing John I. Haas with messaging infrastructure that allows it to reach every mobile phone, fixed phone and email client in the USA.

As the world's largest producer of hop products, it is of strategic importance for John I. Haas to keep pace with fast-changing hop markets by staying connected with reliable, immediate mobile data and information. "Staying connected in real-time to take advantage of, and react positively to, the shifts in supply chain is a strategic imperative for us," says Kyle Lambert, Vice President of Information Solutions, John I. Haas, Inc. "Clickatell's enterprise grade messaging platform gives us immediate and reliable information when we need it and where we need it." "The team at John I. Haas was quick to see the advantage of an 'any message, anywhere' integrated communications service," says Jim Queen, General Manager and Chief Operating Officer, Clickatell. "The resultant efficiencies and related cost savings are a compelling argument for the benefits of mobile messaging."

With alert notification, business continuity and collaboration identified as the "ABCs" of mobile messaging in the enterprise; Clickatell helps companies and organizations connect to customers, partners, suppliers and employees in a reliable, cost effective, scalable and immediate manner. The use of mobile messaging within the enterprise and by government organizations is on the rise. Both have realized the value of reaching their audiences wherever they are and in the way they want to be contacted. For instance, banks can send transaction alerts to customers via text message to their cell phones to ensure instant delivery. Governments chose to use escalating means of contacting people during an emergency: so if a phone call doesn't reach someone, a text or email will. Clickatell currently offers a range of Fortune 500 companies appropriate, reliable and trusted messaging services.

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